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Jeffrey E. McLean PhD

Jeffrey E. McLean, PhD

Jeffrey E. McLean, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology

Technology Center, Room 8210


Jeff McLean, PhD, joined RCC as Assistant Professor of Biology in September 2014. He brought 15 years of classroom leadership to his position at the College. Dr. McLean has been teaching area students for nearly 20 years as a college professor and NYS certified high school teacher. His current research interests include the discovery of novel bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria) with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s SEA-PHAGES program and the use of mushroom mycelia to generate novel materials as a replacement to plastic. Students are encouraged to participate.

Dr. McLean received his PhD in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from CUNY in 2011. His research has focused on discovering biochemical targets to help in the fight against two of the world’s deadliest viruses: Influenza and Dengue. Dr. McLean earned his BS in Biology and secondary education from SUNY Fredonia and his Master of Philosophy in Biology from CUNY.


  • BS Biology, SUNY at Fredonia, 1998
  • MPhil Biology, CUNY, 2006
  • PhD Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology, CUNY, 2011

Professional Accomplishments (Selected)

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute SEA-PHAGES faculty
  • Faculty Co-Advisor, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society
  • Faculty Co-Advisor, RCC Monarch Watch Project
  • Faculty Senate Representative at Large, 2015-present


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  • McLean J., Wudzinska A., Datan E., Quagliano D., Zakeri Z., “Flavivirus NS4A-Induced Autophagy Protects Cells Against Death and Enhances Virus Replication,” Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2011
  • McLean J., Datan E., Matassov D., Zakeri Z., “Lack of Bax Prevents Influenza A Virus-Induced Apoptosis and Causes Diminished Viral Replication,” Journal of Virology, 2009
  • McLean, J., Ruck A., Shirazian A., Pooyaei-Mehr F., Zakeri Z., “Viral Manipulation of Cell Death,” Current Pharmaceutical Design, 2008

Presentations (Selected)

  • "The Magic of Mushrooms", Rockland Community College Earth Day Celebration, Suffern, NY, 2016
  • "Influenza A and Flavivirus Manipulation of Cell Death", Rockland Community College Science Lecture Series, Suffern, NY, 2014
  • “Flavivirus NS4A Induces Autophagy,” American Society of Microbiology Symposium “Biodefense and Emerging Diseases,” Baltimore, MD, 2010
  • “Viral Manipulation of Cell Death: To Die or Not to Die,” International Cell Death Society Symposium “Cell Death in Infectious Diseases and Cancer,” Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009
  • “Cellular Pro-Apoptotic Bax and Bak Play Opposing Roles During Influenza A-Induced Cell Death,” International Cell Death Society Symposium “Cell Death in Disease, Shanghai, China, 2008