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Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks

Career Skills Academy

Program Overview

Prepare for a career in the high-demand field of bookkeeping as you master QuickBooks—the leading financial software tool for small businesses. By the end of this course, you’ll be an expert in everything from basic accounting to double-entry bookkeeping. Hands-on activities will help you learn skills including handling accounts receivable and accounts payable, accounting for fixed assets and recording and maintaining inventory accounts. In addition, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to ensure that your accounting methods meet all legal standards. Upon successful completion, students will receive an Intuit QuickBooks credential and a Certificate of completion from RCC.

I. QuickBooks Basics

Welcome to QuickBooks: Demonstrate how to set up a QuickBooks company file for a business by creating an Ace Photography QuickBooks company file. Working with Company Files: Have a better understanding of how to work with company files in QuickBooks precisely and accurately. Securing Your Company Files: Demonstrate how to secure company files in QuickBooks by managing users and data.

II. Bookkeeping Building

Blocks Bookkeeping Defined: Apply bookkeeping concepts to accounting problems. The Journal, the Ledger, and Special Journals: Run QuickBooks reports for the general journal and the general ledger, as well as reports for subsidiary journals.

III. Preparing the Company File

The Chart of Accounts: Work with the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, including adding and changing accounts. Company Lists: Administer various company lists in QuickBooks by adding customers and vendor.

IV. Cash and Fixed Asset Transactions

Bank Accounts and Cash Transactions in QuickBooks: Record bank account transactions in QuickBooks by entering cash account transactions and completing a bank reconciliation. Fixed Assets and Depreciation in QuickBooks: Record fixed assets and depreciation in QuickBooks.

V. Understanding Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable I: Record bills in QuickBooks by entering various accounts payable transactions into the course. Accounts Payable II: Produce accounts payable history and reports in QuickBooks.

VI. Reviewing Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable I: Demonstrate the invoice procedure by producing a customer invoice in QuickBooks. Accounts Receivable II: By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to manage payments, deposits, and returned checks in QuickBooks. Accounts Receivable III: Check for outstanding invoices and bill for the reimbursement of expenses in QuickBooks. Batch Invoicing and Creating Letters: Produce batches of invoices and customer letters in QuickBooks.

VII. Managing Inventory Transactions

Introduction to Inventory and Customer Estimates: Create and revise customer estimates, and you'll practice recording and tracking inventory transactions. List Items and Inventory in QuickBooks: Assign classes, add and edit multiple list entries, and track inventory in QuickBooks. Ordering and Selling Inventory in QuickBooks: Order and sell inventory by creating sales and purchase orders and receiving inventory. Vendor Discounts and Credits and Adjusting Inventory in QuickBooks: Manage vendor discounts and credits and adjust inventory in QuickBooks. Tracking Price Levels and Customer Discounts in QuickBooks: Manage price levels and customer discounts in QuickBooks by creating price levels, discounted items, and customer discounts. Working with Customer Balances: Learn techniques for working with customer balances in QuickBooks.

VIII. Closing the Books and Reporting in QuickBooks

Closing the Books and Reporting: How to close the books in QuickBooks and how to run and use important reports. Your Career Roadmap: The Job Search and Future Opportunities: How the job market works, and you'll obtain skills to help you navigate it. Communication: Learn basic concepts related.

Online Program

This program will take place online. Students will have to log in at specific dates/times to complete their assignments.

DATES: September 8 - December 21, 2020 (15 weeks)

DAYS: Tuesdays & Thursdays

TIME: 5:30 - 9:30 pm

FEE: $ 2,750



CRN: 90003


For more information please contact Career Skills Academy at or 845-574-4518.