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Green to Gold

Green to Gold for Veterans
Personal Finance and Career Development

Enroll Now in this FREE program for all veterans & especially student veterans

To enroll or for more information:
Jonathan Barnwell, RCC Coordinator of Veterans Affairs • 845-574-4105

Program Description

To help young veterans transition to the career and the life they want. Providing coaching & mentoring in personal finance, goal setting, & career development. Connecting with other veterans and veterans organizations to build the career you want and live with purpose. Developing an effective individual plan to achieve your goals.


  • Create a vision of the life you want to build
  • Develop a Personal Finance Plan to fund your life’s goals
  • Identify skills from military service that are valued by businesses
  • Create an Individual Development Plan and receive mentorship
  • Connect with a community of veterans and veteran supporters
  • Earn a job, grow your career, achieve your goals
  • Serve as mentor to help the next veteran

Workshop Sessions

  1. Initial Vision Setting & Intro to Personal Finance
  2. Debt Myths & Decisions
  3. Putting Your $$$ to Work
  4. Managing Debt, Emergency Savings & Retirement
  5. Financial Fitness & Presentation Preparations
  6. Financial Action Plan

Participating Veterans’ Organizations

Team RWB video
Team RWB

Team Rubicon video

Team Rubicon

Edge 4 Vets video

Pat Curran Leads Green to Gold Program

A longtime Rockland resident, Curran enlisted in the army after attending North Rockland HS. He graduated from West Point in 1997 and served as a US Army Engineer. Currently a business executive at Pfizer, Curran's credentials include certified business trainer, Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt, and an MS in Human Resources Education and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University. Learn more about his work at