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Advertise on RCC-TV

Reach a new audience

Get your marketing message in front of thousands of college-age consumers along with thousands of baby boomers and older adults! And pay only a fraction of the cost of mainstream media. Welcome to RCC-TV, which broadcasts continuously throughout the busy campus of Rockland Community College.

What is RCC-TV?

RCC-TV is an award-winning, student-centered digital media network for Rockland Community College. RCC-TV is produced in the Multi-Media Production Center, located in the Technology Center. Student interns and student volunteers work together as production teams to create original programming about the College and the community.

Where can RCC-TV be seen?

  • There are currently 13 RCC-TV monitors throughout main campus in Suffern, as well as at our Haverstraw Center and at Nyack BOCES.
  • Every building on campus has at least one RCC-TV monitor, and in some cases as many as four monitors. RCC-TV plays in the Technology Center, Fieldhouse, Student Union, Cultural Arts Center, Library and academic buildings.
  • RCC-TV can also be viewed online and directly links from RCC’s website.

Who will see my ad?

RCC-TV monitors are strategically placed in areas where students, employees and visitors gather or wait on line. It runs continuously from 8:30 am until 10 pm.
The audience for RCC-TV is comprised of:

  • 7,000+ students
  • 1,000 employees
  • 200,000 yearly visitors, who come to RCC for events in the Theater, Fieldhouse and other venues

Who will produce my ad?

You can submit your own ad, or have one created for you by RCC’s award winning, state-of-the-art Multi-Media Production Center.

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Airtime & Production Fees

Contact the Multi-Media Production Center to learn more about rates, production and programs.

Janice Goldstein, Director