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Phil Druss '11

Alumni Success Story

Phil Druss

RCC Serves as Starting Point for Law Career

Before Phil Druss '11 rose to the position of assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, he got started on a career path in law while at RCC. An unmotivated student for most of his high school years, Druss gained early admittance to RCC and was accepted into the Honors Program after one semester. He took a criminal justice course that triggered a newfound interest in law and launched his career pursuit in that field.

“RCC gave me the second chance I needed to get my life on track,” he said. “It gave me the blank slate I needed to finally apply myself and become the student I should have been all my life.”

Druss transferred to Binghamton University, graduating in 2013, with hopes of attending Georgetown University Law School. He attended Seton Hall Law School for a year, finishing near the top of his class while completing requirements for enrollment at Georgetown. “Once again I had to prove myself just like I did at RCC in order to transfer to the school of my dreams,” he said. “After a long year of hard work and a little bit of luck, I was able to do it.”

Druss graduated with honors from Georgetown Law, one of the top-ranked law schools in the country, and accepted a position as an assistant DA for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

“I would never have been able to achieve my dreams if it weren't for RCC,” he said. “I am truly thankful for all the doors RCC has opened for me.”

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