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Jerry Wennstrom '72

Alumni Success Story

Jerry Wennstrom

Jerry Wennstrom ’72 has continued crafting unique interactive sculptures and paintings on Whidbey Island in Washington’s Puget Sound, where he has lived since 1998 with his wife, Marilyn Strong. In 1979, at age 29, he abandoned the confines of studio painting and sought to “transform and inspire” his art and his life. He carves sculptures from natural and found materials, such as fallen cedar trees, and seeks inspiration from the vantage point of a 40-foot meditation tower he built on his property. He has had a book written and documentary film produced about his “inspired” life, and has presented at numerous museums and galleries nationwide.

Wennstrom, who transferred to SUNY New Paltz and majored in Art, travels internationally lecturing, teaching and presenting his film and work. His website is


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