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Incoming Transfers


Rockland Community College welcomes students who have already completed coursework at other institutions. Records & Registration will evaluate your previous credits based on the degree you intend to pursue at RCC. At least half the degree or certificate required credits must be completed at RCC, (some exceptions for the LPN to RN Express Program).

The maximum number of transferable credits for an associate’s degree is 32 credits, with the exception of students entering with Automotive Service Excellence Certification A1-A8. The maximum number of transferable credits to earn a certificate is 15 credits. Courses for which a student has earned a grade lower than a “C” are not accepted for transfer. See Transfer Credit Policy.


  • Students may appeal the results of their transfer credit evaluation by completing the Transfer Appeal Form.
  • For current RCC students we recommend that you seek approval prior to registering or testing for any additional credits for transfer.
  • Students who fail to provide official academic records from previous institutions may jeopardize their academic standing and financial aid status at the College.
  • There are some limitations on the time period before credits get "stale" and are no longer applicable for transfer.
  • College or university transcripts from non-U.S. schools will need to be evaluated by a professional evaluation company to qualify for transfer credits. We accept any of the following services:
  • Advanced Standing


For more information contact Admissions at 845-574-4224 or click on the image below.

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