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Coffee & Conversations

We Want to Hear from You

We want your feedback as we plan for upcoming Coffee and Conversations. Please complete the suggestion form to let us know what topics you are interested in.

Coffee & Conversations September 22 banner

Thanks to all who attended and participated. Please use the links below to access the recording and presentation for this Coffee and Conversations.

Steps Beyond Statements Coffee & Conversations Recording

Steps Beyond Statements Presentation (PDF)

Coffee & Conversations August 6 banner

Thanks to all who attended and participated. Please use the links below to access the recording and cleaning and disinfecting information for this Coffee and Conversations.

Health & Safety Coffee and Conversations Recording

Cleaning & Disinfecting Webpage

Coffee & Conversations July 16 banner

Thanks to all who attended and participated. Please use the links below to access the recording and presentation for this Coffee and Conversations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coffee and Conversations Recording

Dr. Baston's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Presentation

Melissa L. Roy's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Presentation

Coffee & Conversations June 25 banner

Thanks to all who attended and participated. Please use the links below to access the recording and presentation for this Coffee and Conversations.

Enrollment and Recruitment Coffee and Conversations Recording

Dr. Brewer's Enrollment and Recruitment Presentation

Q&A from the Enrollment & Recruitment Session

Here is a listing of questions and answers from the Coffee and Conversations-Enrollment & Recruitment session. We are in the process of compiling answers to other questions submitted during the session and will add to this list as the answers are available.

Are there any plans to have a college-wide Zoom account for instructors to use for teaching their classes?

Dr. Deer and the Deans will make sure faculty have access to ZOOM for the fall.

When will faculty know which of our classes - normally scheduled for in classroom - will shift to online?

The fall schedule is posted in Banner and the way in which classes will be taught is designated there. The majority of classes that can be taught remotely, will be. More information about fall registration is available online:

When will the profile area in Banner be fully operational, adding preferred name, pronoun and gender are not currently accessible. How will these fields flow onto faculty rosters?

This functionality crosses multiple offices (Admissions, Records, HR) so it is on our radar but hasn't been implemented yet.

Who should advisors contact if a student is having problems registering in Banner and everything says they are in good standing?

Students and advisors may contact It's very helpful to provide a screenshot or photo of the error message that the student is receiving.

Do we have some systematic way of getting internet access to students who can not afford them?

Students with Wifi access challenges can contact the Connection Center at

Have we considered outreach to Veterans in the community?

During the spring semester the Enrollment Management Team engaged with a group that provided access to a database that gives information about individuals and whether or not they meet certain criteria, including veterans, which is one of our target groups.

Is all the advertising RCC in general or are you advertising specific programs? If so, how can we help promote our specific programs?

In terms of advertising, the College looks at it more in terms of Schools as opposed to specific marketing for each individual program. When a student is considering a program, we really want to give them a complete idea of what we have to offer. View the virtual brochure highlighting the Academic Schools here:

When will virtual Accuplacer testing begin?

The College will begin Accuplacer testing via ZOOM proctored testing the week of June 29th. There is also a resolution to an Early Admit student policy that is under Board review. Currently, Early Admit students are required to take a test in order to be admitted, and that is creating an obstacle for some students. Pending Board approval we will be able to admit students into the College, and then they also will be able to do the Zoom Accuplacer testing if they need to apply for state aid. This is an adjustment that colleges across the country are making, not just Rockland Community College.

Where should students report glitches in the portal?

If it is a login issue, the student should contact the IT Help Desk. If it is a registration issue, the student should reach out to

Is the College pursuing the incarcerated population as potential students?

The College has a very specific strategy with our community-based organizations. Jason Tomlinson, from Dr. Baston's office, is responsible for a lot of our external affairs work. Dr. Baston has recently met with the Spring Valley Collaborative, and has talked to many different community-based organizations, including  Bridges, and other non-profits. The College is working with Bridges and is part of the re-entry task force. Fostering these relationships supports our efforts to attract specific students from these specific populations. The College is part of the Reach Council, so we work with the hospitals. The College is also part of the Haverstraw and Spring Valley Collaboratives, and works with the NAACP. It is developing further relationships with some of our Latino and Haitian groups within the community. Dr. Baston also speaks at many of the Rotary meetings. Relationships with these organizations and non-profits provide platforms to share the different opportunities at RCC for specific populations, including incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals.

With foreign travel and VISA issues, how are we targeting and serving international students?

Admissions is working to offer online options to our international students if they are not able to join us physically in the US this fall, allowing them to get a head start with their degree. The English department has also been offering more multiple measure possibilities to international students who may not be able to take the Accuplacer, allowing them to register sooner too. Admissions is also providing consistent updates to our students.

Will adjuncts be able to teach Photography in Zoom from the studio environment Darkroom?

Dr. Deer suggests that faculty speak directly with their Program Directors about use of space on campus.

Will we still able to house students at Ramapo College?

The College has not yet confirmed if RCC students will be able to reside at Ramapo College. Dr. LaToya Blount, Interim Senior Advisor, is the contact and students who have questions can be directed to reach out to her at