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CampusClear App

The College has put mobile technology in place to provide reassurance that students, faculty and staff are ready to return, allowing for self-reporting of temperature, symptoms, and virus exposure risks.

The campus community will use the CampusClear app for the screening process. Students, faculty and staff who will physically attend classes or work on campus will respond to basic questions listed on the CampusClear app to allow for easy response to daily self-screenings. Any visitors to campus will also be required to use the app.

If you have been on campus and have tested positive for COVID-19, you must follow these procedures.

Set Up Your Account on the CampusClear App

Students, faculty and staff who are attending class, teaching or working on campus during the fall will need to set up their CampusClear account prior to the start of the semester on September 1. The CampusClear App is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores, or accessible through the Web Interface.

Once you download the app or access the web interface, you will be prompted to set up your account. Faculty, staff and students must use their RCC email account.

Using the CampusClear App

Only Students, faculty and staff scheduled to physically be on campus need to use the CampusClear app. You do not need to use the app if you are working or attending class remotely. You will be required to complete this process every day you are scheduled to physically be on campus. All information submitted will remain confidential.

How to Use the CampusClear App video

“Good to Go” or “Not Cleared”

Once you submit your answers, the app will provide clearance (“Good to go!”) or denial (“Not cleared for campus access!”) to campus. If you are cleared to come to campus, you will be asked to show either your pass on the app, the email, or a printed copy from the web interface upon entering campus.

Faculty and staff who are not cleared to come to campus should contact their supervisor and Human Resources at Students who are not cleared to come to campus should contact their professors and Student Affairs at

Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits

The College is providing faculty, staff and students who will physically be on campus, with two, reusable RCC face coverings, and hand sanitizer.

  • On September 1, the first day of the Fall Semester, Public Safety will give all students, faculty and staff PPE Kits upon their entry to campus at the main entrance on College Rd.
  • Each Kit will contain two reusable face coverings and one refillable bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • After September 1, students, faculty and staff can pick up their PPE Kits from the Public Safety Office in Room 5211.
  • Refillable hand sanitizer stations will be outside of the Public Safety Office. Refills are free.
  • RCC’s Extension Site Coordinators will distribute PPE Kits to students, faculty and staff at those sites.

Contact Public Safety at 845-574-4458 with any questions.