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Academic Travel & Study Abroad

All Study Abroad programs for Spring 2020 have been canceled.

All student programming involving travel is suspended until further notice.

Rockland Community College has created this coronavirus information webpage to outline the College's plans, address your concerns and answer your questions. The College strongly encourages you to visit the webpage. It will be updated often with new developments.


Contact Information

Academic Travel & Study Abroad

Library, Room 4301

  • Fabiola Riobe,
    Associate Provost
    Academic Innovation, Online Education & Global Opportunities

Hours of Operation

  • M – F: 9 am – 5 pm

Study abroad with RCC!

Academic Travel

The goal of the new Academic Travel program is to ensure that students participate in substantive educational programs that form a meaningful part of a coherent whole within the major and the overall RCC degree.

RCC Academic Travel courses are generally offered during winter and summer sessions and involve a travel period of up to two weeks. Qualified students may use financial aid to pay for these courses, and those not interested in receiving college credit may register for no-credit and pay a lower administrative fee.

Generally, the courses will include some on-campus classes before and after travel. Students enrolled for credit will be mandated to meet all of the course requirements. Courses are also open to adult members of the community.

RCC supports traditional Study Abroad on an ad hoc basis. Credit will be given to students who participate in accredited study abroad programs offered by other institutions with prior approval. Information on additional SUNY study aboard options can be found at SUNY Study Abroad.

Some Academic Travel courses are arranged through:

EF College Study Tours
1 Education Street
Cambridge, MA 02141