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4 Semester Sequence for PharmD

AS Liberal Arts & Science: Mathematics and Science

Recommended Sequence: General Studies Track enhanced for PharmD program

First Semester (18 credits)

ENG 101 College Writing I (or Honors ENG 103)
MAT 203 Calculus I (or Honors MAT 201)
BIO 105 General Biology I (or Honors BIO 107)
Social Science Gen Ed
CHM 101 Inorganic Chemistry I (or Honors CHM 103)

Second Semester (18 credits)

ENG 102 College Writing II (or Honors ENG 104)
MAT 204 Calculus II (or Honors MAT 202)
BIO 106 General Biology II (or Honors BIO 109)
SPE 101 Fundamentals of Speech
CHM 102 Inorganic Chemistry II (or Honors CHM 104)

Third Semester (16 credits)

CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I
MCS 101 Intro to Multiculturalism
BIO 110 Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 207 Microbiology
Exercise and Human Performance

Fourth Semester (18 Credits)

CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II
MAT 125 Statistics (or Honors MAT 126)
BIO 111 Anatomy & Physiology II
Exercise and Human Performance

Summer or Wintersession (3 credits)

Take one course from any of the following:
Gen Ed.
Other World Civilizations
Western Civilization
The Arts