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Fieldwork Expectations

Level I

Level I fieldwork experiences provide students with meaningful opportunities to interact with clients, OT practitioners and staff. During Level I fieldwork students are required to visit specific sites outside of their regularly scheduled class time. These visits are designed to enhance understanding of basic course content and provide opportunities for developing professional behaviors, competent observation skills and therapeutic affective skills.

Level I fieldwork is required for 6 OTA courses (OCC 101, OCC 201, OCC 202, OCC 204, OCC 205, OCC 207). Additional time in a variety of community settings may also be required in other OTA courses, as requested by the course instructor. Students must successfully complete the fieldwork component of each course in order to earn a passing grade for the course. Travel is required, as is the ability to schedule and attend fieldwork so that it does not interfere with class attendance.

Level II

Level II fieldwork is the final step in the academic program and occurs after all other course work has been successfully completed. Level II fieldwork consists of two separate 5 credit experiences (OCC 171, OCC 172). Each fieldwork experience requires the student to spend a minimum of 8-10 weeks full time at a facility where the academic knowledge learned in the classroom will be applied in an occupational therapy setting. Students in Level II fieldwork are supervised and evaluated by a licensed OTR or COTA. All level II Fieldwork must be completed within 18 months following completion of academic preparation coursework.


Important Facts

  • Fieldwork sites are located throughout the tri-state area (within a 65 mile radius of the Suffern campus) Level I placements are distributed by lottery. Level II placements are made at the discretion of the academic fieldwork coordinator after student preferences have been considered.
  • Due to the nature of the occupational therapy profession, students should expect to attend fieldwork weekdays between the hours of 8:00-4:30 (not including travel).
  • Students must maintain current Health Clearance and provide proof of such to all fieldwork sites.
  • Students should be prepared to undergo criminal background checks, drug testing and finger printing prior to fieldwork as these may be required by fieldwork sites.