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Application Process

Occupational Therapy Assistant Application Process

I understand that in order to submit an application to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Rockland Community College I must:

  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED
  • Have applied and been accepted to Rockland Community College
  • Have taken the English and Math Assessment Exams;applicants must place to ENG 101. **If English 101 has already been completed, please contact Records to see if those credits will transfer. A C or above is required to submit application.
  • Earned a grade of C+ or better in BIO 110 (A&P I) (** see below)
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of submission of application
  • Attend an OTA Program Information Session.
  • Complete the mandatory Observation Requirement hours (minimum of 18) as outlined by the OTA Program.  These hours have been waived. Please contact Program Director for alternate requirements. Virtual observation is acceptable.
  • Complete the Observation Report of an OT Setting as outlined by the OTA Program. (form included in application)
  • Obtain 2 Letters of Recommendation in sealed envelopes
  • Obtain a Valid Health Clearance Form from Records & Registration.
  • Complete the required OTA Self Reflection Essay.( form is included in application).
  • Obtain RCC transfer credit evaluation and verification of prior degree, if applicable
  • Obtain RCC transcript, if applicable

Application Deadline:

May 15 for admittance to fall semester.

November 15 for admittance to spring semester

Applications will only be accepted via email

No paper applications will be accepted.

Only completed applications meeting the above requirements will be considered for review and possible acceptance to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. Admission is competitive and selective. Submitting an application DOES NOT GUARANTEE admission to the program.

**If accepted, a Provisional 'Acceptance' into the program will be granted to applicants enrolled in BIO 110 as long as all other requirements have been met. Formal acceptance will only be granted after a transcript showing BIO 110 with a grade of C+ or better is received by the OTA department

Program Policies

English & Mathematics Requirements:

  1. Students must place to ENG 101 in order for their application to be considered.
  2. Students who have completed ENG 101, ENG 102 with a grade lower than C must repeat the course/s prior to completion of the academic portion of the program (prior to placement in Level II fieldwork). It is strongly recommended that students complete the ENG 101/102 requirements during their first two semesters in the OTA program.
  3. Enrollment in Math courses is dependent upon Math Exam Placement results. Applicants must refer to Math department policies regarding placement and course requirements.


A grade of C is the minimum passing grade for all Liberal Arts courses in the occupational therapy curriculum. All OTA (OCC) courses in the curriculum require a final grade of C+ or better. Re-taking an OTA discipline (OCC) course requires a final grade of at least a B-.

If a student fails two courses with the OCC designation or fails the same OCC course twice, the student will be dismissed from the OTA program.

If a student is dismissed from the OTA program they will not be considered for reentry sooner than one year. Prior to reentry the student must successfully pass the current final exams of each occupational therapy course they previously passed if they want those credits to be accepted for the current program.

All occupational therapy concentration courses, (courses designated OCC) excluding Level II Fieldwork must be completed within eight semesters. Level II fieldwork must be completed within 18 months following completion of academic coursework.


All students must be advised by the OTA Program Chair (or designee) in order to register for any OTA course(s). Any student who registers for courses without advisement may be dismissed from the OTA program.


The Academic Fieldwork Coordinator (AFWC) arranges all Level I and Level II fieldwork placements. Students must refer any inquiries, concerns, or comments to the AFWC and not the clinical site directly.

Level I fieldwork is a required component of the final grade earned for all OTA course with a fieldwork requirement. Level I fieldwork not successfully completed will result in a failure for that course.