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Producer Requirements

  1. Submission of show layout at least sixty (60) days prior to show. These plans shall be drawn to scale showing the arrangement of furnishings or equipment and shall be submitted to the College Safety Officer and the County Fire Coordinator. These plans, once approved, shall constitute the only acceptable arrangement until revised or additional plans are submitted and approved.
  2. No display or exhibit shall be so installed or operated as to interfere in any way with the access to any exit or with visibility of any required exit; nor shall any display block access to firefighting equipment.
  3. The travel distance within the exhibit booth or exhibit enclosure to an exit access aisle shall not be greater than 50 ft.
  4. Exhibit booths shall be constructed of non-combustible or limited combustible materials acceptable to the County Fire Coordinator. Combustible materials shall be limited to the smallest amounts possible.
  5. Curtains, drapes, and decorations shall be flame retardant.
  6. Acoustical and decorative material including, but not limited to cotton, hay, paper, straw, moss, split bamboo and wood chips shall be flame retardant.
  7. Vehicles, boats, and similar exhibited products having over 100 sq. ft. of roofed area shall be provided with smoke detectors.
  8. All electrical installations shall be performed by licensed Rockland County electricians and inspected by a fire underwriter prior to show opening.
  9. Open flame devices are permitted for:
    • Ceremonial or religious purposes
    • When necessary as part of a performance
    • Use as candles
    Note: use of these open flame devices must have prior approval to insure precautions are taken to prevent ignition of combustible materials.
  10. Cooking in the Fieldhouse is limited to non-grease producing roller-type electric hot dog broilers or electric steam warming tables to reheat precooked food. Cooking demonstrations are permitted only if approved in advance. Such demonstrations require an additional site safety attendant equipped with an extinguisher located at the demonstration area.
  11. Storage of combustible cartons, packing crates, etc. is not allowed in the Fieldhouse. Storage of combustible materials behind the booth is prohibited.
  12. Vehicles on display within an exposition facility shall comply with the following:
    1. All fuel tank openings shall be locked and sealed in an approved manner to prevent the escape of vapors. Fuel tanks shall not be more than half (1/2) full or contain more than ten (10) gallons of fuel, whichever is less.
    2. At least one (1) battery cable shall be removed from the batteries used to start the vehicle engine. The disconnected battery cable shall then be taped.
    3. Batteries used to power auxiliary equipment shall be permitted to be kept in service.
    4. Fueling or defueling of vehicles shall be prohibited.
    5. Vehicles shall not be moved during show hours.
  13. Special Hazards
    1. Compressed flammable gases, flammable or combustible liquids, hazardous chemicals or materials, lasers, blasting agents and explosives are prohibited.
    2. Special approval is required in advance to allow limited use of any materials noted above.
  14. Parking or standing of vehicles within twenty (20) feet of exit doors is prohibited.
  15. Current occupant capacity is 5,025. This number represents the maximum allowable capacity based on physical characteristics of the building at present.
  16. Show layouts shall be in conformance with the attached "Exit Route Plan" or its equivalent as determined by the County Fire Coordinator.
  17. The producer shall be responsible for providing certified site safety attendants. The producer shall contact the County Fire Coordinator and/or the College Safety Officer prior to the event to determine minimum staffing requirements for the event.
    1. Attendant Locations
      Attendants shall be required as follows:
      1. One attendant per bank of fire exits equipped with hand-held radio.
      2. One additional attendant shall be stationed at the Central Command Post equipped with public address, telephone, and hand-held radio.
    2. Emergency Actions
      In the event of an emergency, safety attendants must be able to communicate via hand-held radio to the Central Command Post.
      1. Action shall be as follows: the Safety attendant shall immediately pull fire alarm pull box while simultaneously notifying the Central Command Post via radio with information on the type of emergency.
      2. The Safety Attendant at the Central Command Post shall make an emergency broadcast over the PA system in a calm, clear manner as per written instructions giving exit locations, etc.
      3. The Central Command Post will also telephone 44 Control at 8600 (county) or 845-364-9000 (outside).
    3. Safety Attendant Training
      Safety attendants are required to receive basic fire safety training, which can be provided at the Rockland County Fire Training Center or through an approved provider.
  18. At the completion of the event, the producer will be responsible for removing all signs from campus and roadways leading to the college, unless he/she contracts this responsibility to the cleaning company.
List of Contractors

Area Electrical Contractors:

Area Cleaning Contractors:

Rockland Expositions........ 845-343-2772

Fresh Maintenance Services. 845-659-3693;