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Facilities Rental

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Administrative Services

Brucker Hall, Room 6101

Rockland Community College’s friendly atmosphere and outstanding facilities - the ideal place to host your event!

RCC is truly here to serve the community and some of our facilities and lovely grounds are available for rental to the public. We host a variety of activities including major trade shows, conferences, and theatrical presentations.

For information about renting/using space at RCC, please call one of the following numbers listed below or Dennis Callinan, Director of Administrative Services at 845-574-4481.


Facility Contact Person Telephone Capacity
Eugene Levy Fieldhouse Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 5,025
Fieldhouse Pool Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 75
Cultural Arts Cafeteria Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 206
Cultural Arts Theater Christopher Plummer 845-574-4471 500
Student Union Multi-Purpose Room Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 180
Academic I & II Classrooms Dennis Callinan 845-574-4481 varies
Support Personnel Contact Person Telephone
Interim Executive Director of Operations /
Interim Chief Law Enforcement Officer
William Murphy 845-574-4362
Director of Safety Robert Rahl 845-574-4722

Each facility has certain requirements and restrictions; however, the following is generally common to all spaces:

  1. The College’s first priority is to provide space for College-sponsored functions.
  2. Normally, facility usage may not be scheduled more than three (3) months in advance. Earlier requests must be approved by College Administration.
  3. All external groups wishing to use RCC's Facilities may check the following links for the space they are interested in. For the Eugene Levy Fieldhouse or Pool see Fieldhouse/Pool Rental. For the Cultural Arts Theater see Theater Guidelines & Procedures. For other facilities on campus see Other Facilities. Please note we cannot put a facility on "hold" until a fully executed application has been received. Once application is received, all external groups must submit a Certificate of Insurance with it.

    • A Certificate of Insurance is required for all events on RCC's Campus.
    • General Liability each occurrence $1,000,000
    • Personal & Adv Injury each occurrence $1,000,000
    • Med. Expense any one person each occurrence $5,000
    • Damage to Rented Premises $50,000
    • General Aggregate $2,000,000
    • Excess / Umbrella Liability each occurrence $1,000,000

    The group renting space must have Statutory Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance for its workers. The Certificate must be submitted to the RCC Department hosting the event fourteen (14) days in advance of the event date. Failure to submit proof of adequate insurance may result in cancellation of a scheduled event. The Certificate of Insurance should name Rockland Community College and the County of Rockland as co-insured and include each specific date (s) of use. Each user will be liable for damages that require repair or replacement. RCC is not responsible for loss or damage to equipment or property owned by the user, its agents, employees, audiences or guests. For selected events, liability limits may be increased and if auto vehicles involved additional auto liability will be required.

  4. Payment for the use of RCC facilities and charges for personnel assigned to the event, equipment used and additional services are in accordance with the pre-established fee schedule for that space. For the Eugene Levy Fieldhouse or Pool see Fieldhouse/Pool Rental. For the Cultural Arts Theater see Theater Guidelines & Procedures. For other facilities see Other Facilities. Fees involved include rental fees, maintenance fees, security fees, personnel fees and any other associates fees. Invoices will be based on actual use and therefore, will be processed based on the agreement between the user and RCC. Invoices that are more than 30 days past due will be subject to a 5% late fee and if an account remains unpaid, will be subject to an additional 5% late quarterly fee until payment is fully accounted for. RCC reserves the right to require a nonrefundable deposit.
  5. RCC reserves the right to require one or more part-time professional staff to oversee event logistics at the cost of the Facility User.
  6. A 501C-3 tax exempt certificate will be required for all groups that claim non-profit status.
  7. The non profit organization named on the tax exempt certificate must match the non-profit named on the facilities use application.
  8. Use of alcohol and illegal drugs is prohibited on RCC Facilities. Use of tobacco products is prohibited on RCC Facilities.
  9. RCC reserves the right to review all advertisements of outside groups using the facility prior to publication.
  10. RCC reserves the right to deny the use of its facilities to any organization whose goals and philosophies are not consistent with the mission of RCC. RCC reserves the right to require additional security and / or personnel to events at the cost of the facilities user group. Security needs will be determined by the College's Director of Public Safety.
  11. RCC reserves the right to deny use of its equipment or technicians needed to operate the equipment if they are not available or not in the best interest of the College.
  12. When RCC is closed due to inclement weather or emergency situations, all campus events will be cancelled. The Eugene Fieldhouse and Cultural Arts Theater will be based on a case by case basis when involving inclement weather but no events will be allowed if the County of Rockland declares an emergency.
  13. Rental parties will honor the RCC food service contract with Culinart when applicable.
  14. Certain facilities requests will require additional requirements which will be included in the contract with RCC and that external group for that space.