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Free RCC Resources

Ask counselors about additional student resources such as
the RCC food bank and clothes for job interviews.

Accessibility Services

Support for personal, academic, and professional growth for scholars with disabilities.

Technology Center, Room 8150 • 845-574-4541 •

Academic Advisement Center

Help with transfers and transcripts, and course approvals.

Technology Center, Room 8227 • 845-574-4443 •

Connection Center

Life happens. Get free confidential service and connect with a range of community resources to assist you AND your family.

Technology Center, Room 8372 • 845-574-4414 •

Counseling/Crisis Intervention

Confidential, short-term assistance for students facing personal problems, emotional
distress, or experiencing a crisis situation.

Technology Center, Room 8236 • 845-574-4306


For students seeking off-campus housing

845-574-4465 •

Records & Registration

Assistance with getting an official transcript, course registration, and transfer credits.

Technology Center, Room 8110 • 845-574-4328 •

Student Career Services

Align educational and career goals and explore career possibilities. Workshops and
assistance with job internships.

Technology Center, Room 8220 • 845-574-4216 •

Student Involvement

Exciting opportunities to meet people, make new friends, explore your interests,
expand your world or serve your community.

Student Union, Room 3208 • 845-574-4373/4374


Academic Support Centers also include the Science Learning and Reading & Writing
Centers. Academic assistance and tutoring completely free of charge.

Technology Center, Room 8340 • 845-574-4503 •