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Counseling FAQs

Show or Hide answer What is Personal Counseling?

Personal counseling is a professional relationship designed to help you with personal problems. The counseling relationship differs from both social friendships and patient-doctor relationships. Instead of giving specific advice, counselors serve as skilled listeners who help you to clarify issues and to deal more effectively with your problems. Counselors work with you; they don't do things to you.

Show or Hide answer Shouldn't I solve my own problems?

Counseling doesn't solve your problems for you. It helps you clarify issues so you can solve problems on your own. A goal of counseling is to make you more self-sufficient, not more dependent.

Show or Hide answer Isn't counseling for "crazy" people?

Talking to a counselor doesn't mean you're crazy or weak. Actually, it's a sign of health and strength to recognize when you have a problem and to seek outside assistance for it.

Show or Hide answer What kind of problems are appropriate for counseling?

All kinds... Relationships, family, drugs or alcohol, sex, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, sexual orientation, loneliness, stress, eating problems, or your studies are just some examples. Whatever it is that troubles you, we invite you to talk with us about it.

Show or Hide answer Is counseling expensive?

Not at the Rockland Community College Student Development Center - Personal counseling won't cost you anything. It's one of the many services provided free of charge.

Show or Hide answer Does counseling go on my official record?

Absolutely not - Counseling services are confidential. Except for rare life-threatening emergencies, everything you say remains between you and your counselor.

Show or Hide answer Who are the counselors?

The counseling staff in the Student Development Center is made up of professional, master's level counselors and social workers.

Show or Hide answer How long would I come for counseling?

The Student Development Center offers short-term personal counseling - Some problems lend themselves to one or two sessions, others may require several appointments. The length of time you will be seen for personal counseling is determined by the nature of your issues, which you and your counselor will discuss.

Show or Hide answer What if I need long-term counseling?

Counselors can refer you to agencies and private therapists in the area for counseling (also called "psychotherapy") which may continue for a longer period of time. Many agencies see clients on a "sliding-fee" scale, which means you are charged according to what you can afford to pay.

Show or Hide answer Who is eligible for personal counseling?

All Rockland Community College students are eligible for personal counseling services.

Show or Hide answer Suppose I'm very upset and can't wait?

If it's an emergency and you're on campus, come in to the Center. A counselor will meet with you, speak with you about the situation, and decide with you what needs to be done next. If you have an emergency when the Student Development Center is not open, go to Public Safety or call them at 574-4217 or 574-4911.