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Internship Prerequisites, Guidelines, and Requirements

All RCC students are encouraged to apply for an internship in their chosen field. All internships are done for credit and students can choose internship opportunities from a wide variety of fields, including business, computers, communications, publishing, psychology, sociology, the humanities, law, and government. Students are placed according to their interests and capabilities, and all efforts are made to place students in the company of their choice.

In order to prove eligibility for an internship, a student needs to meet the internship program’s prerequisites and adhere to the internship program’s guidelines and regulations, outlined below.


  • Completion of 2 courses in the chosen internship field within the last two years.
  • Evidence of satisfactory academic progress. Prior to enrollment in the internship program, students are required to have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • Approval of a faculty mentor and a designated Student Success Advisor.
  • Under no circumstances is a student eligible for an internship without these approvals.
  • International students must be degree candidates who have been in lawful status for at least one academic year.

Guidelines and Requirements

  • All internship students must first meet with their designated Student Success Advisor to begin the application process and be advised.
  • Due to conflict of interest, students cannot be supervised by a family member.
  • Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor from the appropriate department.
  • Students who want to develop their own internship opportunity are encouraged to do so,but they must provide appropriate information and documentation to the designated Student Success Advisor for evaluation and registry with the Internship program.
  • After faculty mentor approval, the prospective student may be required to interview with the internship company. Both parties have the right to decline a relationship at this point.
  • Once hired by the internship company, the student must register for the appropriate internship course.
  • Registration is possible up through the 12th week of the fall and spring semesters and its equivalent in the summer and winter sessions.
  • Absolutely no prior credit is provided for work done at a site prior to registration for the internship course. A student must put in 45 hours on-site for every 1 credit earned. The average internship is 3 credits.
  • The student intern must fulfill the requirements of the specific departmental internship course.
  • The student intern must meet with the faculty mentor on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Once an internship is started, the student intern cannot leave the internship company after the College’s official drop date without strict academic penalties.
  • The student intern must follow the rules and regulations of the internship company.
  • Students are allowed to take up to a total of 6 internship credits during their enrollment at Rockland Community College.
  • The student intern must fill out these forms: