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Benefits for Businesses

Many benefits for companies when they join the over 1000 local and regional businesses who participate in the College’s Internship program.

Interns bring:

  • Fresh educational backgrounds in the fields of business, computers, and/or communications
  • Enthusiasm and energy
  • Accountability - their grade-point average is affected by your evaluation
  • Opportunities to establish relationships that may lead to having an experienced permanent employee
  • Unique opportunities to learn the profile of tomorrow’s workforce

General requirements are that the internship provides a learning experience for the student.

The company's responsibility is to accommodate the intern’s hours (typically 135 hours for a semester) and provide an end of semester evaluation of performance and attendance. Someone must function as the intern’s supervisor at the worksite and:

  • Assign the intern’s tasks
  • Monitor their progress
  • Provide the end valuation

The business can direct any concerns to the Student Career Services office or the student’s faculty mentor.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

All employers are expected to provide Workers' Compensation Insurance for student interns throughout the duration of his/her internship as required by the New York State Department of Labor. Organizations with a 501c3 status are exempt from this law unless the student is performing manual labor.

The College will provide a faculty member as the academic mentor who will meet with the student on a regular basis to discuss their activities on the worksite. They may also assign additional work for the student (weekly logs, research papers, etc.) to fulfill the course requirements. This academic aspect of the internship, however, will not be the responsibility of the internship business in any way.

Recruiting Information and Procedures