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Become a Volunteer!


The Volunteer Service Program provides opportunities for our students to develop a sense of social awareness and an understanding of life, work and responsible citizenship in a changing and diverse world. By matching student’s skills and interests with a local non-profit program or agency whose needs are compatible with the student’s, a partnership is formed from which the whole community benefits.

Benefits of participating in the Volunteer Service Program:

  • Gain valuable transferable skills
  • Build relationships with peers and professional faculty and staff
  • Participate in development workshops
  • Earn 42 hours+ to be eligible and apply for a co-curricular transcript
  • Certificate of completion, volunteer pin, graduation cords
  • Invitation to the L.E.A.D.-ership Luncheon


Students who achieve 42 hours of volunteer services are eligible to audit one 3-credit course after they have graduated. For further information, contact Michael Albin, Coordinator of Student Activities and Volunteer Services, second floor of the Student Union, 845-574-4373/4374.