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Eben Brown '00

Alumni Success Story

Eben BrownEben Brown ’00 works as a national network radio reporter for Fox News based in Miami. He has reported on many stories making headlines nationally and globally, filing impactful on-site reports on the war in Iraq and harrowing natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake, and traveling presidential campaign trails with President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney and others.

Brown has covered such high-profile cases as the Trayvon Martin shooting and the mass murdering jihadist Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, TX, has witnessed a dozen launches and landings of the Space Shuttle at Cape Canaveral, and has even interviewed astronauts in space via satellite. “I have had some of the most amazing and unique experiences,” he said, “ones of which every aspiring journalist dreams.”

Brown started as an intern for WABC Radio while in high school, worked for WRCR Radio while attending RCC, and spent the next 15 years working in the newsroom for CBS Radio in Florida. He holds an AA in Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science from RCC and a BA in Communication from Ramapo College.

“You can’t beat the value of a community college education,” he said. “I can honestly tell people that I left RCC knowing more about the world and myself than when I first arrived. But I also learned marketable skills for my career as a journalist.”

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