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Jaime Sosa ’07

Alumni Success Story

Jaime Sosa

Sosa Applies Battlefield Lessons to Help Fellow Vets

Jaime Sosa ’07 saw first-hand the carnage of war during his 10-month Army tour in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield in 1990-91. He can never forget the images of dead bodies and scorched-earth landscapes, but he can draw upon his war experience to conquer challenges in his post-military career and help other veterans make the transition back to civilian life.

“Every day in the desert there were scary moments,” said Sosa, who provided air defense coverage for infantry and artillery units. “I saw combat and destruction. In these environments you can discover your potential and develop the mental stamina to surpass any challenge. I rely on these experiences when things become stressful.”

As a hospital administrative coordinator at the Bronx VA Medical Center in NYC, Sosa, a registered nurse, routinely makes critical decisions impacting the lives of inpatient veterans at the facility’s hospital and nursing home. He is a vital part of a round-the- clock continuum of care.

Sosa recently completed training to serve as a mentor to help fellow vets minimize the impact of combat trauma as they readjust from battle zones to civilian work, family and social settings. The program is supported by RCC in conjunction with the Rockland Independent Living Center.

After earning his AS in Nursing from RCC in 2007, Sosa obtained a BSN from the University of Phoenix online. Sosa cherishes his association with RCC and hopes to give back as much as he received. “RCC was a very important part of my life and my success today. I want to pay it forward.”

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