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Craig Woda '92, MD

Alumni Success Story

Craig Woda

RCC Grad Carves Out Career in Pediatric Medicine

Unlike most students, Craig Woda ’92, MD, knew at an early age what he wanted to do with his life. A career in medicine, focusing specifically on the workings of the kidney, held special fascination for him. From Ramapo High School to RCC, then on to Cornell, Georgetown and in his professional life, he has pursued his specialized interest with a passion.

Dr. Woda is a board-certified pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School (HMS), where he completed his pediatric nephrology fellowship. Besides helping to teach nephrology to medical students at HMS, he attends to children in the hospital emergency room and serves as their in-house pediatrician upon admission. He also assists with high-risk deliveries of babies.

Dr. Woda progressed through the RCC Honors Program to earn AA and AS degrees in 1992. “The Honors Program was a great link to Ivy League schools,” he says.

He is one of five from his family to have attended RCC. His parents, Burton and Wendy, met there as students in the mid-1960s.

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