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Cheryl Phenicie '79

Alumni Success Story

Nursing Alumna Opens Clinics in Impoverished, War-Ridden Countries

Nyack College has named its nursing school for Cheryl Phenicie ‘79, a nurse who graduated from RCC and Nyack, and has dedicated her life to improving healthcare in impoverished, war-ridden countries. “The training I received at RCC has stood me in good stead through many years overseas,” Phenicie said.

Phenicie has opened several prenatal clinics in Africa and other locations, treating the poor in the midst of dangerous situations. One clinic was closed after an American nursing assistant who worked with her was murdered there. Phenicie grew up in Africa where her passion for nursing was inspired by her father. She helped him with his backdoor dispensary, where he saw dozens of patients a day.

The Cheryl Phenicie School of Nursing at Nyack College & Alliance Theological Seminary is a result of a generous gift from the Chairman of the Nyack College Board of Trustees, Ron Eastman, a former Marriott executive. He was inspired by Phenicie’s work with the underprivileged to name the new nursing facility after her.

Nyack College Offers Nursing Scholarship to RCC Grads

The Cheryl Phenicie School of Nursing at Nyack College is offering RCC Nursing graduates with a 3.0 GPA a $1,000 scholarship to transfer to its four-year nursing program. Dr. Michael G. Scales, President of Nyack College & Alliance Theological Seminary, said, “Because of the great interest we have received from RCC students in attending our nursing program, we are naming the scholarship the ‘Rockland Community College Grant’ in honor of our friend, Dr. Cliff L. Wood, President of RCC.”

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