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Prior College-Level Learning Credits

Prior College-Level Learning Credits are given for college-level learning acquired as a result of work experience, volunteer work or community service. Please note that these credits are not necessarily transferable to other colleges and universities. Students are strongly advised to meet with the program advisor at their transfer institution.

FAQs about Prior College-Level Learning Credits

  • They depend on which degree or certificate the student is pursuing at RCC
  • Considered part of the maximum allowable number of transfer credits
  • May not exceed half the number of credits required for the Concentration/Core emphasis for all students except those entering with an Automotive Service Excellence Certification A1-A8
  • Student must be currently enrolled in credit-bearing courses at RCC and complete the semester before any Prior Learning credits will be granted

Procedure for receiving Prior Learning credits:

  • The student may be asked to take a departmental challenge examination.
  • The student may be asked to submit a portfolio (e.g. art, photography, etc.).
  • Credits are assessed and approved by the Faculty Evaluator, approved by the Department Chair, reviewed by the Director of Placement and Assessment, and approved by the Provost or Vice President for Academic Affairs.