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Placement & Assessment FAQs

Show or Hide answer How does the placement test work?

You take the ACCUPLACER® test on a computer. The test instructions are easy to understand. A test administrator will always be present to help you. The test is administered on a computer, and it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with using a mouse and keyboard.

Show or Hide answer What should I bring with me to the test?

You will need to bring government-issued photo ID, pen and pencil. You should know your Social Security number.

Show or Hide answer How can I take the placement test?

First, you must apply for admission to the College. Submit your high school transcript to Admissions. Request any colleges you have attended to send official transcripts to Records. Once the application has been processed, you will be sent an acceptance letter and the schedule for the placement test.

Show or Hide answer I absolutely can’t take the test on a weekday; what should I do?

Tests are offered periodically in the evening and on Saturdays.

Show or Hide answer Should I study for the placement test?

To make sure that test scores accurately represent your skill levels, it is suggested that you become familiar with the style and content of test questions.

  • Take sample tests from our website.
  • Get the free web-based Accuplacer Study App
  • To learn more about Accuplacer visit:
Show or Hide answer Can I fail the ACCUPLACER placement test?

Your scores will not prohibit you from attending Rockland Community College. The test scores will help determine the English or math course you may register for at the college.

Show or Hide answer I have a documented learning disability or other disability and require test accommodations; what should I do?

You should call Accessibility Services at 845-574-4541 as soon as you receive the testing schedule.

Show or Hide answer How do I get waived from the test?

Information regarding the waiver criteria can be found by clicking on "Exemptions from Accuplacer Placement Testing" on the department home page.

Show or Hide answer English is not my first language, do I still need to take the placement test?

Yes, the placement test is used for all students, even if English is not your first language. Your test scores will determine the course in English you will be required to register for at the college.

Show or Hide answer How do I find out my test results?

Most students will receive results the same day that you take the test. Otherwise, your placement results will be available on the day that you attend advisement and registration.