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English Proficiency Requirements

English Proficiency Requirements for F-1 Students

Please note, most English proficiency exams listed below will also allow students to meet the English placement requirement at the College. Those that are exempted from submitting proof of English proficiency for admission may still be required to take the English placement exam. Please visit our Placement page for more information.

English Speaking Countries

Applicants who have been educated in certain countries where English is the main language will be exempt from submitting proof of English proficiency.

List of English Speaking Countries Waived from Proof of English Proficiency (PDF)

For those applicants applying from a country that is not exempt,
you are required to meet our English proficiency with at least ONE of the following:

English Proficiency Tests Accepted

All tests must be no older than 2 years old and must be sent directly from the testing service.

RCC Multiple Measures ESL Test Scores Chart
Updated on June 1, 2020
(Paper Based)
(Internet Based)
Prep Courses
ESL 048/ESL 049 Below 420 Below 35 Below 4.5 Below 70 A2
ESL 057/ESL 058 420 35 4.5 70 B1
ESL 060
450 45 5.0 80 B2
ESL 099 475 55 5.5 90 C1
ESL 101N 500 65 6.0 100 C2

Review of High School or University Curriculum

  • Review of English courses completed in high school or secondary school in the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, English-Speaking Caribbean or foreign high school where the primary language of instruction is English.*
  • Review of English composition or ESL courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S.*
  • Completion of GCE O-Level or IGCSE English as a First Language with "C" mark or better
  • Completion of IB English SL or HL level.

*Subject to review by international admissions team upon submission of international admission application and copy of transcript.

English Language School Attendees

Applicants who have attended an academic intensive English program in the US may be waived from submitting an English proficiency exam. Review of these will be done on a case by case basis at this time.