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Online Application for matriculating students only

Welcome to the RCC application page and thank you for choosing Rockland Community College!

Wintersession 2021

Earn up to four college credits in three weeks! You can lighten your spring course load, transfer the credits to your current college, retake a class you dropped, or finish your degree in less than 2 years. There are a variety of offerings in various subject areas.

Registration for Wintersession 2021 is open. Visit the Wintersession page to learn more.

Should you matriculate? (See Matriculate or not? to find out)
If you are not pursuing an RCC degree but just want to take a class or two you don't need to apply. Just follow these directions for non matriculating students.

* Application fees are not refundable. $30 for new students, $5 for readmit students.

* Non-matriculating students include Summer and Wintersession. Please see the non-matriculating student checklist to register.

Please contact Admissions before applying if you:

  • Were home-schooled
  • Do not have a high school diploma or GED
  • Are applying for HSE (formerly called GED)
  • Have an IEP or CDOS certificate

For any questions please call us at: 845-574-4224 or
1-800-RCC-SOON (1-800-722-7666)

Matriculate Checklist

Online Application Tips

  1. Creating an account allows you to save your work if you can't complete the application in one visit. Please write down and remember your username and password to access your application.
  2. Include your social security number if you are applying for financial aid.
  3. Please review your application to ensure all required items are complete.
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