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Summer at RCC

Registration in Banner

The College has implemented Banner, a new student information system that will replace WebAdvisor for Summer Registration and for moving forward. All Summer 2020 courses will be taught remotely.

Continuing students, access the link to Self-Service Banner (SSB) in their myRCC portal.

Visiting students, go to this section for registration instructions.

Summer 2020 Session Dates

SessionDatesLength Format
Summer Session I May 26 - June 29
5 weeks Online
Summer Session II June 1 - July 23
8 weeks Online
Summer Session III July 6 - August 6
5 weeks Online

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead. Get Credits.

There are so many reasons to earn credits at RCC this summer!

You can lighten your fall course load, transfer the credits to your current college, retake a class you dropped, or finish your degree in less than 2 years.

Summer 2020 Registration Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register for Summer?

  • Registration for all Summer 2020 sessions is currently open All courses will be taught remotely.
    • Summer Session 1 courses begin May 26 and end June 29.
    • Summer Session 2 courses begin June 1 and end July 23.
    • Summer Session 3 courses begin July 6 and end August 6.

How will I register for Summer?

  • Registration for Summer 2020 will occur through Self-Service Banner (SSB), our new student service portal.
  • Students will find the link to Self-Service Banner (SSB) in their myRCC portal.
  • Visiting students, go to this section for registration instructions.

How can I see Summer course offerings?

  • Summer course offering will be viewable in Self-Service Banner. Current students can access Self-Service Banner in their myRCC portal.
  • Visiting students can view course offerings using this Self-Service Banner link.

How will courses be taught in the Summer?

  • All courses offered in Summer Sessions will be taught remotely; no in-person courses are being offered this summer.
  • Courses taught in Summer Sessions 1, 2 and 3 are either Synchronous or Asynchronous (these designations are noted in Self Service in the Meeting Times column* on each course record).

    *The columns in the course record can be expanded by hovering your mouse over the column separator and pulling the column wider to fully expose all the text.

    Note: Currently, many courses have the mode as Class. Session course offerings will be updated shortly to indicate the new mode of instruction for these courses. Contact Records at with any questions.
    • Synchronous means that there are routine course meeting times where class activities are conducted through a virtual platform. In Self Service, courses labeled Remote Learning are generally synchronous courses. In addition, some Online-Blackboard and Online-Collaborate courses are synchronous. Look for calendar days and times - - these are indicators that the course has designated, routine meeting times.
      screenshot of meeting time column with days highlighted indicating synchronous
    • Asynchronous means that there is no standard, routine course meeting times. In Self Service, many courses labeled Online-Blackboard are asynchronous. If no calendar days and times are indicated, then the course is asynchronous.
      screenshot of meeting time column with no days highlighted indicating asynchronous

I viewed a course in WebAdvisor, but when I look for it in Self Service Banner, I don't see the same course number.  Why?

  • The systems code courses differently. To find your course in Self Service Banner, simply add "00" to the last two digits of the WebAdvisor course code.

    For Example, English 101-College Writing 1:
    WebAdvisor: The course appears as ENG-101
    Self Service Banner: The course appears as: ENG-10100
  • To make sure you are accurately registering in the desired course, verify the course name.

Who can I contact for help with registering in Self-Service Banner?

Summer classes are open to the following groups:

Continuing RCC Students

  • Log into Self-Service Banner (SSB) through the myRCC portal to view courses and check your registration status.
  • Go to Registration tab and enter Summer 2020
  • Find your desired courses (remember course codes are XXX-00000 (add "00" to the end of the WebAdvisor course code you may have looked up)
  • Register for desired courses on SSB
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for registration are available here.

Visiting Students

I am a visiting student interested in a summer course, what do I need to submit and where should I send it?

  • Visiting students can view course offerings using this Self-Service Banner link. Summer and Fall course listings now available.
  • If you are a student attending a SUNY college or university please use the online SUNY cross-registration application found at
  • For non-SUNY students, please make sure your home school approves you taking the courses at RCC. Download your home school's required form and email it along with the following documents to
    • RCC Student Data Sheet
    • RCC Advisement / Registration form
    • Your Home School's College Transcript (unofficial version is acceptable)
    • Picture ID
    • Once Records has entered your Student Data Sheet, you will receive additional correspondence on how to register through Banner Self-Service.

High School Students

If you are a high school student interested in taking a summer class, contact Admissions at 845-574-4224 or to get started.


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