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Matriculate or not?

What is a matriculating student?

Questions about Enrollment at RCC? Call 1-800-RCC-SOON (1-800-722-7666) or 845-574-4224

Matriculate means you are pursuing a degree or certificate at RCC

Matriculating students may:

  • Apply for scholarships and financial aid
  • Attend full-time (12 credits or more a semester)
  • Attend part-time (less than 12 credits a semester)
  • Apply online or in-person

Matriculate Checklist (Degree or Certificate Seeking)

Non-matriculate means you are not seeking a degree or certificate at RCC

Non-matriculating students are:

  • Not eligible for financial aid or scholarships
  • Attending RCC part–time (less than 12 credits a semester only)
  • Not required to apply for admission
  • Wintersession and Summer session visiting students

Non-matriculate Checklist (Non-degree Seeking)

Workforce & Community Training Programs

Non-credit Workforce & Community Training students enroll in:

  • College readiness programs
  • Career development programs
  • Job readiness programs
  • Online or onsite courses, workshops and seminars
  • CEUs for professional development
  • Personal enrichment courses