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The following text is from a book, "Rockland Community College: the early years," by Jamie Kempton, published in honor of the College's 40th anniversary in 2000, by the Donning Company of Virginia Beach, VA. The book chronicles RCC’s early years from conception, to its founding in 1959, to a transitional phase ending the “Almshouse era” and ushering in a new chapter in the growth of the College.


Over its 40-year lifespan, Rockland Community College has opened its doors to more than 200,000 students seeking a quality two-year education that is affordable and accessible. Many have gone on from RCC to productive and rewarding careers. Others have used the college as a vehicle for intellectual development.

Everyone who has benefited from this institution, however, owes a debt of gratitude to the pioneers whose foresight more than four decades ago kindled the flame that became a beacon of higher education in Rockland County.

In the short time that I have been here, I have gained an appreciation for the sense of history that permeates Rockland Community College. My office is located in our administration building, Daniel T. Brucker Hall, named for one of the founding fathers of the college. The building formerly served as the county Almshouse, a tangible link to the college's early days.

Please join me and the entire college community in taking a look back at those formative years, in the pages that follow. You will see why I am proud to be associated with an institution as rich in history as Rockland Community College.

George Hamada