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Major Energy Reduction Project - Ecosystem

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project

RCC is partnering with Ecosystem, a design-build engineering company, to upgrade our campus and make it more sustainable.

Benefits and Scope | Energy Retrofit Map | Energy Retrofit Project Timeline

Boiler Plant Upgrade Time Lapse Video

Combined Heat and Power Units Installation

This timelapse shows the field preparation and installation of our two Combined Heat and Power units (CHPs). These units provide electricity more efficiently (and at a lower cost) than the utility grid. The heat dissipated from the process is recovered to supply the campus heating district network with hot water.

Chiller Replacement

LED Lighting Conversion

Benefits and Scope

This energy efficiency retrofit project comprises eight energy conservation measures covering the entire campus. It helps our college save $558,000/year while increasing the quality and reliability of our learning environment and reducing our environmental impact. The project also benefited from a $1.1 million incentive from Orange & Rockland Utilities Commercial & Industrial Program. The financial outcomes are contractually guaranteed by our partner, Ecosystem, ensuring that the project delivers savings that will pay back the investment within 13 years.

Energy Retrofit Map

Take a look at the map below to learn about the 8 retrofit measures implemented on campus.

Energy Retrofit Map click to enlarge

  1. Combined Heat and Power Generation - Fieldhouse
  2. Interior Lighting Upgrade - All Buildings
  3. Exterior Lighting Upgrade - All Buildings
  4. Computer Load Management - All Buildings
  5. Integrated Building Management System - Academic II, Cultural Arts Center, Fieldhouse, Library, Student Union
  6. Chiller Plant Upgrade - Fieldhouse
  7. Boiler Plant Upgrade - Fieldhouse
  8. Fan and Pump Modulation on Demand - Academic II, Cultural Arts Center, Fieldhouse, Library, Student Union

Energy Retrofit Project Timeline

Construction started in late 2017 and ended in late 2019. Take a look at the project timeline below! See Project Timeline (text version)



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