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Earth Day Events Calendar

RCC Earth Day April 22, 2020

The RCC Earth Day faculty committee invites you to celebrate Earth Day 2020!

Set aside some time to check out the following links and invite your families to join in!

Our new RCC virtual world has given us the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day in different ways this year. The RCC Earth Day committee has curated a list of links to resources for all to explore to find out more about Earth Day events.

For information:

The first Earth Day was 50 years ago. Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect and remind ourselves to take care of the earth. The increasing world population is using up more and more natural resources and the political and economic systems we live in require constant growth so that we keep consuming and using up even more of the earth’s natural resources.

As I reflect on the traditions of Earth Day this year and it’s 50th birthday, I am, along with billions of people around the world, at home and only allowed to leave my home for essentials. As a result of this lockdown, the earth is actually getting a huge respite from human activity. It is as if there is a great pause in what the human race is doing to the planet. Whilst actual events are catastrophic and none of us would choose to be in our current predicament, levels of air pollution in some of the most polluted cities around the world have dramatically decreased. Our carbon dioxide emissions which are responsible for global warming and climate change have decreased significantly. The rate of consuming has drastically decreased as we are not shopping for items at the rate we normally do.

Many say that when we open up society again, it will be different. There are many unknowns and history will be the judge of any changes, but my hope is that we will be able to stop the downward spiral of damage to our precious earth and reflect more seriously about how we can slow climate change and stop using up the earth’s resources at such an alarming rate by transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables and having a deeper understanding and appreciation for the environment.

Kay Copp Brown, Earth Day Co-Chair, April 2020

Earth Day Committee
Co-Chairs: Katherine Copp Brown and Khader Humied
Members: Meghan Nolan, Adessa Butler, Sara Annunziato, Steve Carroll, Jeffrey McLean, Patricia Sobonya, Don Ianucci