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Diversity at RCC

A Heritage of Excellence and Diversity


Students at Rockland Community College have the advantage of a global experience. They have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of classes that broaden their worldview. Outside the classroom, RCC embraces diversity through a series of heritage celebrations and an array of student clubs.


RCC offers credit and non-credit courses exploring numerous ethnicities, religions and cultures, as well as a wide variety of foreign languages.

RCC offers courses in a broad range of subject areas that reflect and support the diversity of our students. A sample of credit courses that have recently been offered include:

  • Art
    Art & African American Experience; Art of Africa, Asia & Americas
  • Foreign Languages
    Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish, American Sign Language
  • History
    African American History; History: Minority USA; History of the Holocaust
  • Literature
    African American Literature; Contemporary Urban Writers; Modern Latin American Literature; Literary England, Themes in Irish Literature
  • Multicultural Studies
    Introduction to Multicultural Studies; Pluralism & Diversity in Food and Culture in America; Diversity in American Speech & Language; History of Multiculturalism in American Business; Pluralism & Diversity: Music in America
  • Religious Studies
    Religions of the World; Pluralism & Diversity in American Religions; Contemporary Jewish Issues
  • Sociology
    US Latino/Latina Communities; Women, Men, Sex & Power; Women & Social Action

Clubs & Organizations

Students can join more than 40 clubs and student organizations, many of which play an important role in presenting heritage celebrations. Students can also form their own clubs.

recently active clubs include:

  • African Student Association
  • Asian Club
  • Black Student Union
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Filipinos United
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Haitian Club
  • Hillel
  • International Club
  • Muslim Student Association

Clubs operate under Student Involvement.

Study Abroad

Traveling to a foreign country expands students’ horizons. RCC offers a variety of opportunities ranging from 10-day trips to full-semester programs to countries as diverse as England, France, Morocco and New Zealand.


International Student Services

International Student Services provides a welcoming environment for students from other countries. People who understand the special needs of these students are available to help with issues concerning application to the College, immigration, housing, special programs, clubs, and events of interest. The ISS office processes all international student applications and all required documents for students to apply for the student visa, such as the Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) I-20.

Accessibility Services

The mission of Accessibility Services is to provide equal access and quality education for students with disabilities. Students can find information about appropriate instructional accommodations, campus accessibility, assistive technology, and more. Accessibility Services is a part of RCC’s Student Services Division.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Rockland Community College Diversity, Equity & Inclusion department is responsible for implementing and monitoring the College's equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies. All employees and applicants for employment may contact the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion department to inquire about their rights under these policies, request advice, file a complaint or request a reasonable accommodation.

College Committees

RCC has many committees that support the interests of our diverse student population.

committees include: