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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committees play an integral role at RCC. A key goal for advisory committees is to better prepare students for today's jobs by promoting a greater cooperation between the educational environment and the private sector.

Advisory committee members have three major roles: to advise, to assist and to advocate for quality education. It is through these three roles that advisory committees work with instructors and administrators to initiate activities, procedures and methods that help strengthen our programs.

The input from advisory committees helps to:

  • Update and improve the quality of programs at RCC
  • Support and strengthen relationship between education and business, management and labor and the College
  • Identify needs and priorities in the program
  • Articulate short- and long-term College goals and objectives to community members, employers, and prospective students


The Advisory Committees meets a minimum of twice a year to advise faculty and administration in several areas:

  • Curriculum
  • Facilities and equipment enhancements
  • Instructional quality – Instructional delivery
  • Student support


Committee Composition and Duties:

A minimum of 10 members, (50 percent of which must be industry leaders, employers and employees)

  • Attend meetings scheduled at least twice a year.
  • Work with faculty and administrators to identify and implement committee objectives that are reviewed and evaluated annually.


Advisory Committee List