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Academic Master Plan 2009-2015

Academic Master Planning

Putting Planning into Collaborative Action

What is Academic Master Planning?

  • A framework for decision-making within a learning community
  • A vehicle for others to design plans (i.e. Technology; Facilities; Enrollment Management; Marketing)
  • A framework for resource allocation
  • A future vision mapped out with goals and objectives


To take it a little further, an Academic Master Plan also:

  • Provides an action plan that faculty and staff not only buy into, but believe in
  • Keeps the College in sync with trends within the labor market
  • Serves as a vehicle for program growth in order to provide the best teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students
  • Provides for better faculty staff and development
  • Pulls the campus together and boosts morale
  • Provides a transparent vision for the entire campus to become part of
  • Puts perspective on planning that the entire campus community will believe in


Academic Master Plan