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Foundation History

Futures Are Built on Our Foundation

Community support was the genesis of the Rockland Community College Foundation.

In 1981, community members held a Golf Outing to raise funds to help the College's Golf Team attend a national tournament. This led to the creation of the RCC Foundation as an established organization to encourage alumni, businesses and members of the community to contribute to the College. Since then, the Foundation has provided funds to purchase equipment, enhance the campus and facilities and establish financial resources for students in need.

The Foundation awards more than 150 annual scholarships to students, representing more than $350,000 in yearly scholarship assistance. More than $3 million in scholarships has been awarded in the Foundation’s 30-year-plus history.

The Foundation supports or has supported many other philanthropic programs, including:

  • Providing technology upgrades
  • Helping fund the campus child care center
  • Refurbishing theater curtains at both the main campus and Spring Valley Extension
  • Providing life-saving, on-site heart resuscitation equipment

Mission Statement

The Rockland Community College Foundation is a nonprofit charitable institution that responds to the educational needs and aspirations of the people of Rockland County by assisting Rockland Community College.

The Foundation provides financial assistance to the College for the continuing development of its students, staff, faculty and programs of the College.