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Survivor Tree

The 9-11 Survivor Tree

A charred and broken Callery/Bradford pear tree was discovered in the rubble of the World Trade Center in October 2001. One branch was intact and sent out new leaves in a desperate attempt to stay alive. The 8 foot stump was carefully excavated and brought to Van Cortlandt Park in Nov 2001. Nursed back to health in the Bronx, the tree was replanted in Memorial Plaza on December 2010. Now over 30 feet tall and flourishing, the Survivor Tree is a living reminder of America’s resilience, survival and rebirth.

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Survivor Tree Seedlings

Scientists from Bartlett Tree Experts collected seeds from the Survivor Tree and propagated 450 descendants of the original tree. As of September 2013, the saplings were around 3-4 feet high and cared for by the students at John Bowne Agricultural High School in Flushing, Queens, New York. Each September, some of the saplings are shared with communities affected by recent tragedy or to sites like RCC that have a 9-11 Memorial Garden. As with the Survivor Tree, the saplings provide an inspirational landmark of hope and resiliency.

Watch a video about the seedlings project