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Facilities Upgrades

RCC has been approved for the following facilities renovations through the NYS State and Municipalities Grant Program:

  • Biology Labs

Renovation of two biology labs has been endorsed for $200,000 by Senator Carlucci. The grant will fund the construction and renovation for biology labs 1104 and 1110 and will pay special attention to providing specialized access to learning for students with disabilities.

  • Eugene Levy Fieldhouse Facilities Renovation

Phase 1: Renovations for the Fieldhouse locker rooms and restrooms has been endorsed for $250,000 by Assemblywoman Jaffee.

Phase 2: Renovations for the Fieldhouse locker rooms facilities including the showers has been endorsed for $250,000 by Senator Larkin.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 are distinctly different projects but together will provide much needed renovations for the Fieldhouse which is used by over 300,000 individuals annually.

  • RCC Library Study Lab Construction

Construction of three study rooms in the RCC Library has been endorsed for $250,000 by Assemblyman Zebrowski. The Learning Collaboratory will be a space for students to conduct collaborative work which will be equipped with a SMART Board for collaborative presentation design. The space will be in a closed, quiet room inside the library with glass walls to separate from other study and collection areas, and will boast comfortable furniture.