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Workshop Schedule

Program sessions will be held at the Suffern campus on one Friday per month from 9 am to 1 pm except two sessions will be held in May.

The workshop dates for the 2019-2020 Leadership Academy are:

Workshop Descriptions

Session One: the promise of professional intelligence - October 11

  • Welcome and Introduction - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
  • Emotional Intelligence - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
    Self-reflection is essential to leadership success. Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence will serve as a beginning point for developing professional intelligence.
  • Followership - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
    Understanding the role individuals play in following the leader is another key aspect of leadership success. Barbara Kellerman’s insights on followers will be considered.
  • Above the Line Thinking - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael A. Baston
    Leaders will be unsuccessful with their followers without a problem solving development strategy that can be executed. Connors, Smith and Hickman’s work on addressing organizational challenges will be examined.

Session Two: self-discovery - November 1

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Guest Speaker: Kathleen Carroll
    A leading self-development tool used today, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will be administered to all participants, scored and interpreted to increase a personal understanding of participants’ communication and leadership styles.

Session Three: project management - December 6

  • Project Management - Guest Speaker: George Repic
    We will cover techniques for planning, executing, and completing a team project with established guidelines that are useful for all leaders. Those guidelines generally include goals, communication, team formation, time and budget. We will review techniques that will help you manage your next project.
  • Tips from the Experts
    Participants from the 2018-2019 Leadership Academy return to answer questions about their experience and provide tips on completing the action learning projects.

Session Four: conflict resolution & managing stress - January 10

  • Communication Through the Ages - Guest Speaker: Dr. Beth Coyle
    Effective communication is essential in the workplace. We will learn what the preferred method of communicating is for each of the five living generations and how each adapts to the methods of the other generations.
  • De-escalating through Communication- Guest Speaker: William Murphy
    Conflict and disagreements happen in the work environment. Through de-escalation techniques, we will learn how to defuse potentially violent situations.

Session Five: enhancing leadership skills & professionalism - February 7

Are leaders born, or are they created by learning leadership skills? Everyone can become more effective leader in any stage of his/her career. We will examine the key skills needed to be an effective leader, and how to develop them.

The percentage of RCC students who identify as "queer" (a common umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community) is increasing, but queer-identified individuals still have an increased risk of suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. This session will define basic LGBTQ+ vocabulary and offer guidelines for interactions with queer colleagues and students.

  • Hispanic and Latino Students - Guest Speakers: Nilda Aragones & Jeremy Cordock

RCC has been designated a Hispanic Serving Institution.  This workshop will focus on the challenges, needs, and support program available to this population. The presentation will conclude with a round table discussion to explore ways to improve their success in higher education.

Session Six: communication skills & diversity - March 6

  • Public Speaking - Guest Speaker: Talia Lipton
    Having effective public speaking skills is the hallmark of a successful leader. We will focus on some key techniques to develop these vital tools in both face-to-face and mediated communication.
  • Strategies and Techniques - Guest Speaker: Sutonia Boykin
    Managing and resolving conflict is a key skill for successful leaders. We will explore conflict resolution strategies and address the essential ingredients in developing effective techniques in the workplace.

SESSION SEVEN: presentations - April 3

  • Action Learning Project Status
    Each team will provide an overview of the status of its action learning project.

SESSION eight: presentations - MAY 1

  • Presentation of Action Learning Projects
    Each team will present their action learning project to the President's Cabinet.

SESSION nine: graduation - MAY 8

  • Announcement
    The President will announce which action learning project will be funded.
  • Graduation
    The President will award certificates to the participants.
  • Wrap-up
    We will discuss participants' perceptions of the effectiveness of the Leadership Academy and how participants plan to integrate the skills they gained from the Leadership Academy into their professional and community responsibilities.

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