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RCC Sweeps First Place Awards Vs. Dominican, Yeshiva U.

RCC Sweeps First Place Awards Vs. Dominican, Yeshiva U.

2019 RCC Speech & Debate Team

The RCC Speech & Debate Team swept all four first place awards at its home tournament against Dominican College and Yeshiva University on Sunday, February 24. Four two-person “teams” from RCC competed in two divisions against one Dominican College team and three Yeshiva University teams. After each team completed 3 rounds of debate, RCC’s Nitsav Ben-Dan and Long Bui were the winners of the varsity division with a 2-1 record. Another RCC debater, Rivka Mandel was awarded the top speaker in the varsity division.

In the novice division, RCC’s Breanna Roadarmel and Humberto Romero Gonzalez were the first-place team after winning all three of their debate rounds. Another RCC novice debater, Anjna Arun was recognized as the top speaker in the novice division. Breanna Roadarmel also took the second-place speaker in the novice division.

“It’s unusual to have the top speaker awards in both the novice and varsity divisions go to competitors who didn’t win the most debate rounds, but it does happen” said Professor Andrew Jacobs, who coaches RCC’s Speech and Debate Team, “Eloquence and brute force logic don’t always go together.”

Also competing for RCC were Rimshah Dar and David Hamilton Jones. RCC alum, Zamir Ben-Dan, a lawyer for the Legal Aid Society, and varsity debater, Max Van Campen-Cramer served as judges.

The next debate competition will March 31 at Dominican College.



Top (Group) photo: Back row (l-r): William Gunderson (RCC alum), Max Van Campen Cramer (alum and judge), Zamir Ben-Dan (RCC alum and judge), Nitsav Ben-Dan (President), David Hamilton-Jones, Breanna Roadarmel, Humberto Romero Gonzalez, Long Bui. Front row(l-r): Rivka Mandel, Anjna Arun, Rimshah Dar.

Bottom left: Humberto Romero Gonzalez and Breanna Roadarmel, first place for win-loss record in novice division

Bottom middle right: Long Bui (standing) and Nitsav Ben-Dan (on right), first place for win-loss record in varsity

Bottom right: Rivka Mandel, first place speaker in the varsity division