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Rockland Community College Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Students and Alumni are Invited to Share Their Stories

Date: February 6, 2020

ROCKLAND COUNTY, N.Y. – Rockland Community College has started a “Share Your Story” initiative, inviting current students and graduates to send in their reminiscences of their time at RCC. The compilation of memories, which will be organized into a video presentation and printed book, will help shine a light on the significant impact RCC has had on the thousands of individuals who have launched their next chapters on the Rockland campus over the past six decades.

“It has been gratifying to read the responses that have been submitted so far,” says RCC President Dr. Michael Baston. “I love hearing from our students after they have left RCC and embarked on the next chapters in their lives, whether it is entering the work force immediately or continuing on to a four-year college.”

Jayne Meiseles was thrilled with the education her children received at RCC. “RCC provided the education, skills and support that allowed them to continue on at other institutions to achieve their ambitions.” Her daughter Leah Meiseles, a licensed mental health counselor, furthered her education at Purchase and Baruch Colleges; her son Jake Meiseles, an attorney, completed his undergraduate work at Cornell University, then went on to Harvard Law School. Indeed, Mrs. Meiseles was so impressed with her children’s educational experiences that she took the leap herself, graduating from RCC last year. She is now a registered nurse.

Current student Ryan Feeney is planning on applying to pharmacy schools after he graduates in May. “Thanks to RCC, I have had a much easier time with the application process,” he says. “Having the two years already under your belt is really useful and is the kind of thing colleges look for.” Another student, Thomas Michael Leonard, also believes he is well prepared to transfer to his next institution and have the skills, both academically and professionally, to be successful.

Other students find jobs right after graduating from RCC. 2016 Alumni Nicole Talamini, now a teaching assistant at North Rockland Central School District, recalls how “personable and caring” her professors were throughout her two years. “They made me want to go to school and work hard.” She also has fond memories of her extracurricular activities. “With the help of the Athletic Department, I was able to start up the RCC Bowling team again. I began bowling at age six and I bowled all four years in high school for North Rockland. It was great to start up and participate in a co-ed bowling team for RCC with some of my friends from high school as well as other students that joined. I also played volleyball for RCC and made many great friends. Being able to get my education while continuing with the two sports that I love at RCC made it a great experience. I wish I could go back!”

Individuals who attended RCC at some point in their lives are encouraged to submit their stories about their studies, their transition to other schools, the relationships they created or the activities they participated in by using this link

About RCC
Rockland Community College, State University of New York, offers a safe, supportive learning environment for thousands of students from diverse backgrounds. Thanks to the school’s affordable tuition, students who start out at RCC before transferring to four-year colleges can save $100,000 on their education.

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