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Donation Will Help Feed Students in Need at RCC

Donation Will Help Feed Students in Need at RCC

The family of longtime local resident Nathaniel Jackson is starting a food voucher program at RCC in his memory.

DATE: December 15, 2017

family of longtime local resident starts food voucher program in his memory

RAMAPO – The children of a longtime Spring Valley resident are making a donation in his honor that will help Rockland Community College students. The funds will be used to create the Nathaniel C. Jackson Food Voucher Program, designed to provide students with access to healthy, hearty meals while attending classes at RCC.

Marilyn and Rodney Jackson are donating $15,000 in the name of their father, who died in 2016. A small portion of the money will be used for infrastructure improvements at RCC’s Food Cupboard, which supplies food weekly to students in need. The rest will be held in endowment, with a percentage used each year to provide vouchers to students to eat meals on campus.

Nathaniel Jackson had a lifelong love of cooking, from his days as a Navy chef to his more recent efforts on behalf of the Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program. A science teacher and civil rights campaigner, Jackson lived in Rockland County for over half a century before he passed away at 91 years of age.

“Be kind to yourself” was Nathaniel Jackson’s favorite parting comment, and his children say they’re looking to pay this idea forward with their donation.

“Our family hopes to give RCC students the means to be kind to themselves and take care of the most basic necessities,” Marilyn and Rodney Jackson said. “As our father was a 50-plus year resident of Rockland County and had much interaction with RCC, it is an honor to continue his legacy of community, his love for feeding others and his concerns for those struggling with hunger by providing the seed money for this program.”

To learn more about the RCC Food Cupboard, visit For information on services provided through RCC’s Connection Center, which helps students deal with challenging life circumstances, head to