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Rockland Community College Board of Trustees 1/23/20 Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Meeting Date: January 23, 2020
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Faculty Staff Dining Room, Cultural Arts Center

  1. Resolutions
    1. Approval to support a permanent funding floor for community college base State aid formula - Fiscal year 2020 (Resolution 1-2020)
  2. President’s Agenda President, Dr. Michael A. Baston
    1. Monthly Summary
    2. Approval to support a permanent funding floor for community college base State aid formula - Fiscal year 2020 (Resolution 1-2020)
  3. Academic Affairs Provost and Executive Vice President, Dr. Susan Deer
    1. Academic Affairs update (Attachment)
  4. Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Vice President, Dr. Helen Brewer
    1. Enrollment Management and Student Affairs update (Attachment)
  5. Finance Interim Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Dan DoBell
    1. Finance update (Attachment)
  6. Operations and Strategic Initiatives Vice President, Dr. Beth A. Coyle
    1. Operations and Strategic Initiatives update (Attachment)
  7. Institutional Advancement Vice President, Ms. Susan Lyddon
    1. Institutional Advancement update (Attachment)
  8. Board Secretary Report Secretary, Ms. Mary Lou Dillon
    1. Previous meeting minutes 12/12/19 (corrections/additions/deletions)
  9. Board Community Outreach Report Liaison, Mr. Grant Valentine
  10. Old/New Business Board Chair, Mr. Martin Wortendyke
    1. Middle States
    2. NYCCT
    3. Student Government

Workshop Minutes

A Workshop of the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees was held Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 145 College Road, Suffern, New York 10901.

Trustees Present: Mr. Martin Wortendyke, Board Chair; Mr. Joseph Rand, Board Vice Chair; Ms. Mary Lou Dillon, Board Secretary; Mr. Grant Valentine, Community Outreach Liaison; Ms. Ileana Eckert; Ms. Lynne Hilowitz; Ms. Susan Ramos; Mr. Thomas Leonard.

Also Present: Dr. Michael A. Baston, President; Dr. Susan Deer, Provost and Executive Vice President; Dr. Helen Brewer, Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs; Dr. Beth A. Coyle, Vice President Operations and Strategic Initiatives; Ms. Susan Lyddon, Vice President Institutional Advancement, Executive Director Rockland Community College Foundation; Mr. Mike Salem, Chief Information Officer; Dr. Jillian Decker, Representative, Faculty Senate; Mr. Benjamin Naylor, Chief of Staff; Mr. Jason Tomlinson, Confidential Assistant to the President; Mr. Michael Kluger, Videographer

Absent Was: Ms. MariEllyn Dykstra Donnellan (excused)

The meeting was called to order at 5:10 pm by Chair Wortendyke

  • Chair Wortendyke wished all a Happy New Year
  • Roll call was taken.

President’s Report

  • Dr. Baston
    • Was in Albany for the chancellor’s State of the University System address.
    • Discussed Resolution 1-2020 Approval to support a permanent funding floor for community college base State aid formula - Fiscal year 2020.
    • Is continuing to foster a culture of collaboration.
    • Is looking for new and innovative ways to move the College forward.
    • Introduced Ben Naylor, Chief of Staff, who provided an overview of his role and responsibilities in the president’s office.
    • Ben introduced Jason Tomlinson, Confidential Assistant to the President, who discussed his on-campus engagement and off-campus community relations work.
    • Answered trustees’ questions.

Academic Affairs Report

  • Dr. Deer
    • Proudly reported that the RCC nursing program is ranked #2 out of 117 colleges.
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding retirements, enrollment in the Honors Program, the status of the adjunct contract negotiations and online learning.

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Report

  • Dr. Brewer
    • Happily reported that Winter enrollment has increased, and Spring enrollment is 92% on target to meet goals.
    • Reported that the Black Achievement Awards are Feb. 5-6 and there will be a new award presented, “The Dr. Arlene Clinkscale High Achiever Award 2020.”
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding enrollment.

Finance Report

  • Dr. Dan DoBell
    • none

Operations and Strategic Initiatives

  • Dr. Beth Coyle
    • Highlighted savings created by using in-house staff rather that contracting work out.
    • Reported that the Fieldhouse roof no longer leaks.
    • Is working with space planning architects to address Guided Pathways needs.
    • Announced the new food enthusiast courses offered at the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center.
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding retirements, English Skills Academy, Career Skills Academy, and the extension sites.

Institutional Advancement

  • Ms. Lyddon
    • Discussed the myRCC Story project which was launched during Welcome Week.
    • Reported that RCC is applying for another Title V grant that focuses on getting students career ready.
    • Announced the hiring of Carmela Riati, Director of Resource Development.
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding social media and a spring fundraiser.

Board Secretary Report

  • Secretary Dillon
    • Asked for corrections/additions/deletions to the minutes.
    • Discussed the 2019 Board attendance.

Board Community Outreach Report

  • Mr. Valentine
    • Attended the Chancellor’s State of the University address in Albany, followed by a meeting with fellow SUNY trustees.
    • Met with Constance Fraser regarding housing for students.
    • Reminded the trustees about the upcoming Holocaust Remembrance Event on January 27, 2020.
    • Attended various community events.

Old/New Business

  • Chair Wortendyke
    • Dr. Baston reported that RCC is a finalist for the AACC Award for Excellence Community Partnership.

Trustee Rand left at 6:30

NYCCT Report

  • Ms. Dillon
    • Discussed the Board self-evaluation
    • Provided the Board with a draft copy of the revised NYCCT awards.

By Trustee Valentine, second by Trustee Ramos, and unanimously approved by trustees: Wortendyke, Dillon, Valentine, Eckert, Hilowitz, Ramos and Leonard to adjourn at 6:49 pm.