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Rockland Community College Board of Trustees 1/23/20 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date
: Thursday, January 23, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Faculty Staff Dining Room, Cultural Arts Center

  1. Roll Call
  2. Public Comment
  3. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: 12/12/19
    2. Approval to support a permanent funding floor for community college base State aid formula - Fiscal year 2020 (Resolution 1-2020)
  4. Reports of Workshop
    1. Academic Affairs Provost and Executive Vice President, Dr. Susan Deer
      1. Academic Affairs Update
    2. Student Services Vice President, Dr. Helen Brewer
      1. Student Services Update
    3. Finance Interim Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Daniel DoBell
      1. Finance Update
    4. Operations and Strategic Initiatives Vice President, Dr. Beth A. Coyle
      1. Operations Update
    5. Institutional Advancement Vice President, Ms. Susan Lyddon
      1. Institutional Advancement Update
      2. RCC Foundation Update
  5. Board Secretary Report Board Secretary, Ms. Mary Lou Dillon
  6. Board Community Outreach Report Liaison, Mr. Grant Valentine
  7. Student Government Association Report SGA Liaison, Mr. Thomas Leonard
  8. Old/New Business Board Chair, Mr. Martin Wortendyke

Please note: Resolutions & Reports which require action by the Board of Trustees are fully discussed at the monthly Board Workshop.
All meetings of the Board are open to the public.

Board Meeting Minutes

The 784th board meeting of the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees was held Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 145 College Road, Suffern, New York 10901.

Trustees Present: Mr. Martin Wortendyke, Board Chair; Ms. Mary Lou Dillon, Board Secretary; Mr. Grant Valentine, Community Outreach Liaison; Ms. Ileana Eckert; Ms. Lynne Hilowitz; Ms. Susan Ramos; Mr. Thomas Leonard.

Also Present: Dr. Michael A. Baston, President; Dr. Susan Deer, Provost and Executive Vice President; Dr. Helen Brewer, Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs; Dr. Beth A. Coyle, Vice President Operations and Strategic Initiatives; Ms. Susan Lyddon, Vice President Institutional Advancement, Executive Director Rockland Community College Foundation; Mr. Mike Salem, Chief Information Officer; Dr. Jillian Decker, Representative, Faculty Senate; Mr. Benjamin Naylor, Chief of Staff; Mr. Jason Tomlinson, Confidential Assistant to the President; Mr. Michael Kluger, Videographer; Mr. Scott Bookstein, Public Safety; Ms. Ruth Bonny, Student; Mr. Justin Vargas, Student

Absent Was: Ms. MariEllyn Dykstra Donnellan (excused); Mr. Joseph Rand (excused)

The meeting was called to order at 7:12pm by Chair Wortendyke.

  • Roll call was taken.

Public Comment

  • Student Ruth Bonny asked questions regarding Title V, programs for dislocated workers and student debt.
  • Student Justin Vargas, a student worker in Public Safety, expressed concerns regarding the lack of cameras between Academic I and II and the condition of the parking lot booths.

Consent Agenda – Board Chair Martin Wortendyke

  • Chair Wortendyke read the following:
    1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: 12/12/19
    2. Approval to support a permanent funding floor for community college base State aid formula - Fiscal year 2020 (Resolution 1-2020)

A motion by Trustee Ramos, second by Trustee Valentine to approve the consent agenda.

Yeas: Trustees Wortendyke, Dillon, Valentine, Eckert, Hilowitz, Ramos, and Leonard.
Nays: none
Motion passed: 7 yeas, 0 nay, 0 abstentions


Reports of Workshop

Academic Affairs Report

  • Dr. Deer
    • Provided the Academic Affairs report to the Board.
    • Proudly reported that the RCC Nursing program ranked second out of 117 schools.
    • Reported that students saved $230,000 in textbook costs through the Open Education Resource (OER) program this past semester.
    • Answered trustees’ questions.

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Report

  • Dr. Brewer
    • Provided the Enrollment Management and Student Affairs report to the Board.
    • Provided an enrollment update.
    • Welcomed students back to class.
    • Answered trustees’ questions.

Finance Report

  • Dr. Daniel DoBell
    • none

Operations and Strategic Initiatives

  • Provided the Operations and Strategic Initiatives report to the Board.
  • Is working on shifting maintenance services to in-house rather than outside contractors.
  • Reported that the Fieldhouse roof repair is complete.
  • Announced that dates are set for the Food Enthusiast courses to be held at the Hospitality Center.
  • Provided enrollment statistics for the English Skills and Career Skills Academies.
  • Answered trustees’ questions.

Institutional Advancement

  • Ms. Susan Lyddon
    • Provided the Institutional Advancement report to the Board.
    • Reported that Strategic Marketing is working on 60th Anniversary events, completion of the new website, and marketing for Hudson Market on Main.
    • Announced that at the December meeting of the Rockland Community College Foundation Board, the budget was passed and the candidate for Director of Resource Development was approved.
    • Answered trustees’ questions.

Board Secretary Report

  • Ms. Dillon
    • Reported that the Board was provided a draft of the revised NYCCT Awards.

Board Community Outreach Report

  • Mr. Valentine
    • Attended the Chancellor’s State of the University address in Albany.

Student Government Association

  • Mr. Leonard
    • Reported that a new SGA Treasurer has been elected.
    • Hosted the SUNY Student Assembly president who was very impressed with the collaboration on campus.
    • Provided a presentation to the Board regarding the new High School Ambassadors Program to address the negative perception of Rockland Community College in the local high schools.

Old/New Business

  • Chair Wortendyke
    • none

By Trustee Eckert, second by Trustee Leonard, and unanimously approved by trustees: Wortendyke, Dillon, Valentine, Eckert, Hilowitz, Ramos and Leonard to adjourn at 7:37 pm.