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Rockland Community College Board of Trustees 10/30/19 Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Meeting Date: October 30, 2019
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Faculty Staff Dining Room, Cultural Arts Center

  1. President’s Agenda President, Dr. Michael A. Baston
    1. Monthly Summary
  2. Academic Affairs Provost and Executive Vice President, Dr. Susan Deer
    1. Academic Affairs update (Attachment)
  3. Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Vice President, Dr. Helen Brewer
    1. Enrollment Management and Student Affairs update (Attachment)
  4. Finance Interim Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Dan DoBell
    1. Finance update (Attachment)
  5. Operations and Strategic Initiatives Vice President, Dr. Beth A. Coyle
    1. Operations and Strategic Initiatives update (Attachment)
  6. Institutional Advancement Vice President, Ms. Susan Lyddon
    1. Institutional Advancement update (Attachment)
  7. Board Secretary Report Secretary, Ms. Mary Lou Dillon
    1. Previous meeting minutes 9/25/19 (corrections/additions/deletions)
    2. Board Education Day
  8. Board Community Outreach Report Liaison, Mr. Grant Valentine
  9. Old/New Business Board Chair, Mr. Martin Wortendyke
    1. Middle States
    2. NYCCT
    3. Student Government

Workshop Minutes

A Workshop of the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees was held Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 145 College Road, Suffern, New York 10901.

Trustees Present: Mr. Martin Wortendyke, Board Chair; Mr. Joseph Rand, Board Vice Chair; Ms. Mary Lou Dillon, Board Secretary; Mr. Grant Valentine, Community Outreach Liaison; Ms. Ileana Eckert; Ms. Lynne Hilowitz; Mr. Thomas Leonard.

Also Present: Dr. Michael A. Baston, President; Dr. Susan Deer, Provost and Executive Vice President; Dr. Helen Brewer, Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs; Dr. Beth A. Coyle, Vice President Operations and Strategic Initiatives; Dr. Dan DoBell, Interim Chief Financial Officer; Ms. Susan Lyddon, Vice President Institutional Advancement, Executive Director Rockland Community College Foundation; Mr. Mike Salem, Chief Information Officer; Dr. Jeffrey McLean, President, Faculty Senate; Dr. Suzanne Summers, ACE Fellow; Mr. Jason Tomlinson, Confidential Assistant to the President; Mr. Michael Kluger, Videographer

Absent Was: Ms. MariEllyn Dykstra Donnellan (excused); Ms. Susan Oelkers-Ramos (excused)

The meeting was called to order at 5:01 pm by Chair Wortendyke

  • Roll call was taken.
    • Trustee Leonard arrived at 5:25 pm.

President’s Report

  • Dr. Baston
    • Introduced Visiting American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow Dr. Suzanne Summers.
    • Recapped the events of October including the 60th Anniversary Walking Tour
    • Reported that Rockland Community College was awarded the Title V grant, the largest in the College’s history.
    • Announced the opening of the café at the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center in Nyack.
      • Several trustees commented that it is a great addition to Nyack.
      • The Grand Opening is scheduled for November 14, 2019.
    • Was pleased to announce that the Rockland County Legislature approved both the Administrator and Faculty contracts.
    • Is lobbying the Federal government to make community college more accessible to all through streamlining the financial aid process and extending Pell grants.
    • Reported on the SUNY President’s meeting in Albany.
    • Attended the Inauguration of Dr. Roger Ramsammy, the seventh president of Hudson Valley Community College.
    • Thanked Howard Hellman for opening his home for a “friendraising” event attended by his friends and the founding Deans and other faculty of RCC.
    • Announced that on Dec. 17, 2019, former Ambassador Susan Rice will be the first speaker in the Presidential Speaker Series.
    • Met with students around campus to discuss the concept of Real World Readiness, and met with the campus constituency to answer questions about Guided Pathways.
    • Worked with Eileen MacAvery Kane’s Graphic Design class to create this year’s holiday and birthday cards.
    • Reflected on the funeral services for Dr. Judith Johnson that were held at RCC.
    • Remembered former RCC president Dr. Seymour Eskow who died October 24, 2019.
    • Answered trustees’ questions.

Academic Affairs Report

  • Dr. Deer
    • Discussed the academic calendar.
    • Vice Chair Rand commended the Open Education Resource (OER) program.
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding the Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) certification and eLearning.

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Report

  • Dr. Brewer
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding financial aid, enrollment and student loans.

Finance Report

  • Dr. Dan DoBell
    • Provided an update on the recent audit report.
    • Met with Thomas Leonard as part of the new trustee orientation process.
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding the finance report.

Operations and Strategic Initiatives

  • Dr. Beth Coyle
    • Announced the opening of the market, Hudson Market on Main, at the Culinary Center and reported that the students are already preparing food for the sale.
    • Reported that a food enthusiast program will begin Nov. 7, 2019. There are already 40 people enrolled.
    • Is working with an architect to conduct a space inventory to determine what will be needed for the Guided Pathways schools.
    • Reported that O&R will be presenting an incentive check to Dr. Baston for 1.1 million on Friday, Nov. 1, 2019
    • Attended the County Legislature to answer any questions regarding upcoming capital improvement projects.
    • Answered trustees’ questions.

Institutional Advancement

  • Ms. Lyddon
    • Is working on raising the visibility of the College.
    • Was congratulated on the success of the 60th Anniversary walking tour.
    • Answered trustees’ questions regarding upcoming fundraising events.

Board Secretary Report

  • Secretary Dillon
    • Asked for corrections/additions/deletions to the minutes.
    • Asked for an update on Board Education day. Some suggested topics include a review of the Board evaluation process, the President’s evaluation, the makeup of the Board, and a presentation on ethics.

Board Community Outreach Report

  • Mr. Valentine
    • Attended various community events, including a symposium on how housing affects education.

Old/New Business

  • Chair Wortendyke

NYCCT Report

  • Ms. Dillon
    • Discussed the NYCCT Awards programs and suggested that trustees nominate people or organizations in multiple categories.
    • Remembered recently deceased Helen Rosenthal, who helped conceive the paralegal program at RCC.

By Trustee Valentine, second by Vice Chair Rand, and unanimously approved by trustees: Wortendyke, Rand, Dillon, Valentine, Eckert, Hilowitz, and Leonard to enter into executive session at 6:11 pm to discuss legal issues.

By Trustee Valentine, second by Vice Chair Rand, and unanimously approved by trustees: Wortendyke, Rand, Dillon, Valentine, Eckert, Hilowitz, and Leonard to exit executive session at 6:31 pm.
No action was taken.

By Vice Chair Rand, second by Trustee Eckert, and unanimously approved by trustees: Wortendyke, Rand, Dillon, Valentine, Eckert, Hilowitz and Leonard to adjourn at 6:31 pm.