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Rockland Community College functions under the auspices of the State University of New York and is sponsored by Rockland County. The College is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of 10 members, four appointed by the Governor of the State of New York and five by the Legislature of Rockland County. The 10th member, a student trustee, is elected by the students annually. RCC conforms to a shared governance operational model, with structures and processes enabling faculty, staff, students, administration, and the governing board to participate in planning, policy development, and decision-making. Shared governance is collaborative and requires the mutual respect of everyone who is involved in the process. All constituencies of the College have a voice: the Faculty Senate, Administration and Staff Assembly, Student Government Association, College President, Executive Cabinet, Labor Relations Council and Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees
Administration & Staff
Faculty Senate
Student Government Association
Senior Administration