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Celebration of RCC Creativity

Rockland Community College held its first Celebration of Creativity to showcase the accomplishments of our faculty and staff in regards to creativity. The following faculty/staff have been recognized within the last three years:


Spring Celebration of Creativity

Creativity in the Visual Arts

  • Brooke Evans “Eva”
  • Janice Goldstein RCC-TV Digital Network
  • Eileen MacAvery-Kane “The Ghosts We Live With”
  • Beth Robinson “The Pond of the 200,000”
  • John Schlesinger “Unsmoke Systems”


Creativity in the Literary Arts

  • Suzanne Cleary “Elm Street”
  • Tzipora Reitman “Springboard to Success”
  • Sherrill D. Wilson “Hosting the Vision”


Creativity in the Performing Arts

  • Gino Diiorio “Sam and Dede” or “My Dinner with Andre the Giant”
  • Patricia Maloney-Titland "The Robert Flynn Irish Heritage Festival"
  • Angelo Parra “The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith”
  • Christopher Plummer “Playing the Assassin”
  • Freia Titland “Orange is the new Black”
  • Barry Wiesenfeld “Kevin Gray”