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CETL Activities

Improve your student engagement, create better student learning outcomes and enhance your educational career through CETL.

Professional development workshops are offered on campus during several periods of the year. Comprehensive programs of workshops, panels and round-table discussions covering topics as diverse as Women in U.S. History, Best Practices in Teaching Web-enhanced Courses, Copyright, Gaming in Higher Education, Excel, and Cloud Computing are offered during dedicated faculty development times.

Other activities sponsored by CETL include individual assistance with the use of technology in the classroom, and outside speakers and workshop leaders on issues important to the larger College community.


CETL makes professional development funding available for attendance at conferences, presents professional development workshops and provides mentoring for new and non-tenured faculty. In addition, CETL staff provides individual support for faculty use of technology in the classroom.

CETL Library

CETL is also building a collection of books and journals related to pedagogy and professional development, and the RCC Multi-Media Production Center is archiving major CETL presentations.

CETL Professional Development Workshops:

  • Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

    The CETL Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series provides an opportunity to learn from the life's work of some of RCC's most experienced and honored faculty. Recent lectures Adventures, Encounters & Human Rights, Cyberbullying and Electronic Aggression, and Psycho-historical Patterns of Modern and Post-Modern Terrorism.
  • Savvy Professor Series

    This series, initiated in 2011, showcases the expertise of faculty in areas of practical concern to both the College and Rockland County communities. Topics have included cyber-security, hydrofracturing, police interactions with the public and slowing the aging process.
  • Social Inclusion Series

    This series of three events focuses the attention of the College community on issues of diversity and tolerance. It was designed in collaboration with Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, RCC Scholar-in-Residence, and was launched with Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!!.
  • Technology Workshops

    Workshops and individual consultations are held throughout the year on topics of current interest to faculty and staff such as ePortfolios, Google Docs, Turnitin, and webcasting.
  • Good Books Colloquium

    This popular reading group acquaints faculty members with areas of importance to their colleagues in other disciplines. A faculty member provides a report on their latest read and guides a discussion.
  • CETL Conversations

    In an informal setting, faculty have an opportunity to share classroom concerns, experiences, successes and challenges. Recent conversations have included Managing Classroom Behavior, Cheating and Plagiarism, and Working With the Millennial Student. There are also informal conversations with top administrators.

CETL Celebrates RCC Faculty Excellence


CETL 10th Birthday