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Annual Cyber Security & Forensics Competition

The annual Cyber Security & Forensics Competition started in 2012, and provides a friendly competitive environment for hands-on application/demonstration of students’ skills. RCC hosted the 2016 event, the first year that phone forensics was included. The 5-hour competition included  network forensics, full computer investigations and reporting, and a trivia contest. Trivia questions encompassed computer forensic laws, concepts, and steps in processing cybercrime evidence. Next year's competition will be hosted at Westchester Community College.

Winners of the 5th Annual Cyber Security & Forensics Competition (2016)

1st Place—WCC Team Shenanigans

  • Mykhaylo Pivovarchk (team captain)
  • Thomas Barrett
  • Martn Vondal
  • Paul Vassallo
  • Lindsay Peckham
  • Eddie Pacheco

2nd Place—RCC Team Gold Team

  • Jan Kayas (team captain)
  • Melvin Thomas
  • Joe Romeo
  • Mike Romeo

3rd Place—WCC Team Solo Seconds

  • Steve Gabriel (team captain)
  • Andre Sargeant
  • Charles Malu
  • Alan Dominijanni
  • Noel Chinquango

4th Place - RCC Team DDMT

  • Troy Haskins (team captain)
  • Matt Dizzine
  • Dylan Fried
  • Dorian Steele

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